Winds of war : the rage of the jotun
[size=150]THE BLOOD-DIMMED TIDE[/size]

Shortly before the Freeborn begin their attack on northern Liathaven, perhaps forty thousand Jotun warriors enter Western Scout and Beacon Point. They come north out of the hills of Reinos, and east out of the southern Jotun kingdom of Narkyst. They pour through the trees like a river, like a flood of orcs. They methodically and systematically smash every steading they encounter. Most are captured, and adapted to serve the needs of the orcs. Some are left burnt-out ruins. The fortified steading at Beacon Point, for example, is burnt to the ground after a two day siege by the army of under the banner of the Southern Bear.

A very few steadings manage to hold out against the Jotun, primarily due to their remote position within the territory. It is only a matter of time before they fall, however. The Navarr of southern Liathaven have been too isolated from the Empire for too long, by the vallorn and by the bandit-haunted mountains of northern Kahraman. They put up a spirited defence, but without the support of a significant number of troops they cannot hope to endure the withering assault of the Jotun.

When they came east into Liathaven for the first time, the Jotun allowed their enemies to flee before them. While they did not offer the Navarr the choice to join the Jotun as thralls or as footsoldiers - they did not go out of their way to slaughter them. This time, some of the Jotun armies are actively butchering any Navarr they can catch. Survivors report that there is a rage in the orcs that they have not seen before, and it devours anyone they catch. Whole Steadings are put to the sword. Stridings torn apart when the Jotun catch them on the road. The Jotun are not the Druj - they do not engage in torture or torment, not even to gather information. They simply dispatch any Navarr they catch without ceremony.

The trees help; there are places survivors can go, where they can hide. But if the Jotun continue to occupy Liathaven it is surely only a matter of time before even those scattered survivors are caught and killed.

In a little less than two months, southern Liathaven has gone dark. There are surely Navarr still there, but they are either fleeing or hiding. There are rumours of a large group of survivors gathering somewhere in the very south-east of the territory. They may attempt to push through the mountains into Kahraman, but if they do so they will potentially be easy picking for any organised group of bandits, orc or otherwise.

[size=150]THE HAVEN OF LIATH[/size]
The Vallorn of Liathaven slumbers, wrapped tight around the ruins of Liath Haven.

For now.

[size=150]GAME INFORMATION[/size]
To follow on from the Mists of Liathaven …

In the south, a massive Jotun invasion force has taken both Western Scout and Beacon Point. In the process they have destroyed the fortified steading at Beacon Point (…/Construct_fortified_ma…).

This means that the Jotun now control ‘‘all’’ the regions of Liathaven, making it a fully conquered barbarian territory. The immediate effect of this is that all Imperial personal resources based in the territory will lose a half of their production until such time as at least one region is back in Imperial control (…). This also means that the territory counts as being in the control of the Jotun, meaning they can move into, out of, and through the entire territory freely. … up to a point.

It is worth explicitly pointing out that we treated this battle as two separate theatres due to the presence of the Vallorn that neatly bisects the territory. The Jotun forces in the south cannot reach the northern regions without forcing their way through either Liath’s Heart or Westwood, which would mean an encounter with the unknown quantity that is the vallorn. The same is true of any Imperial forces on the northern side of the hedge of malignant landscape.

Any player character steadings based in Liathaven who wish to have had their settlement conquered or destroyed by the Jotun should consider contacting to discuss options going forward. Other steadings are considered to have been far enough off the main Jotun invasion routes to avoid destruction for the time being.

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The picture is apparently some guy called Thomas Hancocks who played some orc once. It was taken by Tom Garnett. I understan that technically this is thus not a picture of a Jotun, but to be honest they all look the same in the dark, right?

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