Winds of war : the thunder of the barrens
[size=150]RAGE ACROSS DAWNGUARD[/size]

After their initial attempt to bring down the Towers of the Dawn before the Autumn Equinox failed, the orcs of the Barrens retreated in disarray.

They return in force a little less than a month later. This time, there is no talk of peace treaties, or of agreements with the Senate. A single demand for the surrender of the Towers is made, a single command issued to the people of Dawn to either leave Dawnguard, or acknowledge the dominance of the Rhavin and the Peytaht. Needless to say, the Dawnish pay little heed to these demands. Still, captains under the horned lion of House Aureillius and the dagger and sceptr’d key of House Vexille join the garrison at the Towers. The noble houses of Drycastle and the outlying manors gather their knights and their yeomen to their estates. They prepare to fight. .

No more demands are issued. Three days later the first attack against the Towers of the Dawn begins. They are still cautious, still testing the Dawnish defences - for the most part. The main thrust of the assault against the Towers of the Dawn is lead by the battle-hardened army of the Rhavin. They fight beneath tattered banners made of sewn-together scraps taken as trophies from their hated Druj enemies … and more than a few tatters that might once have been the banners of questing knights lost in the Barrens. They are well armed, well armoured, and possess a grim determination at odds with their barbaric appearance. Their attacks are focused, sustained, relentless … and while they pay for their advance with blood, they extract a serious toll from both the castle walls and the human defenders.

While the majority of the orc attempt to capture the fortification, roughly a quarter of their number focus their attentions on the manor houses of Dawnguard. They encounter resistance, of course, and lives are lost on both sides. Yet all three Barrens armies seem to be going out of their way to avoid killing civilians where they can. They leave Dawnish noncombatants plenty of time to withdraw - but they do not hesitate to cut down anyone who tries to take arms against them. With the stubborn refusal of the Dawnish to retreat, and with the garrison at the Towers making them pay for every foot of ground they take, their advance is slow.

Regardless, conquering Dawnguard is clearly not their intent at this time. The bulk of their force focuses on either bringing the Towers of the Dawn under their control, or bringing them down. Neither side escapes without losses. The risky strategy of the Rhavin, and the fact the orcs are fighting a people with little patience for the Barrens, sees to that. Yet as the Winter Solstice grows nearer, it is clear that the Towers of the Dawn have taken significant damage from the orc attacks. The fortification can ‘‘probably’’ endure another season of siege from the Rhavin and the Great Forest without additional support, but it would be a gamble - especially if the Barrens orcs were to commit completely to the attack.

[size=150]GAME INFORMATION[/size]

The independent orcs of the barrens have come back to attack the Towers of Dawn with renewed force. The fortification is damaged - below half strength easily - but still standing. The towers are currently the only thing standing between the Barrens orcs and the swift conquest of Dawnguard.

The picture is Bessamy Aurelius of House Aurelius (Jade Parsonage) looking delightfully Dawnish and … imagonna go with “thoughtful” I think
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