Winds of War Update E2 2022 ++GOATS, WOLVES, AND MITHRIL++

Iiiits another update. Part of the new thing we are trying to do is to put the big conjunctions - the quests and skirmishes - in the place where they make most organic sense. We thought this meant Winds of Fortune but it turns out it also means Winds of War. So here are two more conjunctions we’ve added to Winds of War.

In KHARAMAN we have GOATS AND WOLVES which you can find here:

The people of Gambit are prevailing on Aurélio i Valiente i Erigo, the Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills to “earn their keep” by intercepting a gang of Lasambrian Jotun raiders who’ve been thieving from the honest Freeborn of Kharaman. If they can make an example of these bandits then they (and the people they round up to help them obviously) can keep the large amount of metal the buggers have nicked.

In SKARSIND we have ON IKKA’S TRAIL which you can read about here:

This represents a chance for a group of heroes to spirit some mithril out of the Pride of Ikka’s Tears. The people behind the proposal have called for the Raknar Ravenstorm of Stormspire, the Warden of the Great Raid to lead the way!