Winter lore in Dawn?

Hi all,
I have a sneaking suspicion my current character might either be dying soon, or i may just give her up because i dont know where the character is going and she doesnt actually do much XD

Am currently looking at desiging a backup character, and i’d love to play a Draughir mage :3 The thing is, im looking at fcusing on winter lore, because, y’know, Draughir. Wondering if people think this is a viable option in Dawn? Current character is not remotely magically inclined, and so i dont actually know the ins and outs of magic in Empire.

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Have you asked around different covens?

I know literally nothing about covens.


Okay so there are certainly winter mages in Dawn, but it’s hardly the most common realm practiced by far. Still there are two covens that have some winter. Personally I enjoy it, although honestly my winter magic tends to be more about having the tools for certain problems which is awesome when it happens but I go events without casting winter as a result (and low key PvP with an anti-winter Dawnish House.)

What aspects of Winter magic interest you?

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Best bet it to find out in the field as your current character, talk to anyone at the regio as people shouldn’t be surprised a non mage is asking questions, watch a couple of rituals, get a feel for what you want and get your answers then decide :slight_smile:

Not sure to be honest, trying to find some facts about it on the wiki but havent found anything yet :confused:

So this is a list of the winter rituals, or what it is possible to do with Winter Magic.

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Thankyou so much!

If you pick winter lore, you can contribute to any winter ritual, with the regio you add another rank to your lore. You use crystal mana to cast rituals, unless otherwise specified (use 2 of x instead of 1 crystal mana)

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Depending on how much you invest in winter Mag 4-8 will be what you can solo, and I would say in Dawn that looking higher than 30-50 won’t be managed even with all Dawn’s present Winter.


Maximum starting lore is 3 so minimum contribution to any ritual is 3, mastered rituals is 6 for 3 mana, with regio lore is 8 for 4 mana, 8 is a large chunk out of any 30 magnitude ritual for anyone to contribute, anyone with 3 lore would be welcome by anyone casting im sure. Even just 4 for non mastered rituals is a big help.

My advice to a new ritualist, especially one who intends to find a coven in play, is don’t master any rituals. You can pick them as you go along and need them, but it’s much harder to swap them out once taken. Large covens can suddenly appear if a large group gens in a nation, or disappear suddenly if a battle goes badly.


I believe PD introduced the ability to change mastered spells in the down time? I don’t know details though.


  • You may change one mastered spell from your list of mastered spells between events

The rituals a character has mastered reflect a concerted effort on their part to hone their skill with those rituals. As such mastery requires constant maintenance by the magician, the mastery will eventually fade without this repetition.

To reflect this any ritual magician is allowed to change a single mastered ritual from their list of recorded rituals after each event they attend. It is only possible to change one mastered ritual at a time in this way, only after you have attended an event, and only for another ritual chosen from Imperial Lore. To change a mastered ritual you must email Profound Decisions with your CID and the name of the mastered ritual you wish to give up and the name of the mastered ritual you wish to gain. It is not possible for a character to change a mastered ritual at an event in this way.

A ritualist may not make a slot free using this method, they can only exchange one mastered ritual for another ritual chosen from Imperial Lore. "


Personally I advise ritualists to keep a few slots free in each realm, for a character taking 2 or 3 in a lore if there are rituals which look fun you can solo absolutely take a few of these.

This is for three reasons:

  1. Having ritual magic you can go out and do at start is a source of fun which doesn’t rely on first find a coven.
  2. For new players first few events, it isn’t actually that much harder to change rituals than learn new ones.
  3. This gives you some fun potential if your coven all gets slaughtered a few events down the line.