++ Winter Review Phase VII - That Was Vertex++

Okay! We’ve just put the finishing touches to and published a minor overhaul of the Imperial Conclave declaration page(s).

The main thing we’ve done is split the declarations off onto their own pages, similar to the way the Synod judgements have their own pages. There’s a lot of advantages to this layout - it lets us expand a little on each declaration without being nervous about the length of the page for example. It’s also broken about 150 links which I need to fix but that’s my problem.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to expand a bit on some of the declarations. There’s a wiki update here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Wiki_Updates#Conclave_Declarations but I’ll summarize patch notes as best I can.

A very minor change I think. There was a reference at one point to “national positions in the Conclave”. We’ve removed that. We don’t think the Senate can create National positions in the Conclave because there would be significant challenges to appointing them.

This has had some significant expansion. Where possible we’ve tried to provide examples of how concord might be used. We’ve also laid out what a concord actually does - specifically that every Imperial magician get stold about the Conclave’s concords after each summit, and that there is the potential for these to be heard farther afield.

Concord is not as potent a tool for shaping “hearts and minds” as the Synod’s Statement of Principle/Mandate combination is, but that doesn’t mean it will never have an effect.

We’ve mostly just expanded a little on what these are for, and how they work, given the changes we made a little while ago to the Conclave vaults.

We’ve made a minor change to how this is declared. As of next event, the person raising the declaration of Imperial lore needs to bring the actual ritual text to the Conclave, and give it to the CS before the declaration is raised. Each GM has the opportunity to dispatch someone to look it over - WHILE THE DECLARATION IS BEING DISCUSSED.

That last bit is key by the way. There will be no pauses for everyone to get a look at the Ritual Text. The declaration, debate, and vote will be taking place as normal.

We’ve done this for a couple of reasons, one of which is that we’re not comfortable with some of the potentials for peculiar play that came from the current laissez faire system. I think there’s still room for some shennanigans it’s just a little tighter.

Just a few expansions and clarifications here. For example, even if a ritual is interdicted it is not illegal to master it or to possess a ritual text of it. It’s simply illegal to cast it.

I’ve left the two major ones til last. We’ve laid out https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Amity_and_enmity a little more, but we’ve also explained what happens if you give amity or enmity to a herald.

The legal situation is not a problem - laws are made by people and so the magistrates can take a herald with amity in their stride. Unfortunately, nobody has told the magic of the cosmos. If you give amity or enmity to a herald, the supernatural effects of that work exactly as if you had given that status to the eternal the herald is part of. Some scholars at the Lyceum, with the aid of the eternal Lashonar, have finally been able to prove that and made their findings public knowledge.

The biggest change. You can find the page here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Sorcery and there is a rules update here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Rules_update_2018#Sorcery

What has changed is that we have removed the restriction that sorcerers cannot own or use crystal mana. They’re still not allowed to perform rituals, but they can own mana sites (which is not new), and own and carry crystal mana. They can use mana to perform spellcasting, to put things on the Conclave agenda, to pay for time speaking in Conclave (assuming any Grandmaster cares what a sorcerer has to say), and even in theory hold a title in the Conclave (assuming anyone wants to vote for a sorcerer to hold a position).

We have not changed the restrictions on owning magic items intended to work with rituals, although we have removed the idea that such items would be given to the conclave if they were found. What happens to the items is up to the magistrates if a case is proven.

I’m not going to say too much more on this topic here - read the Rules Update it explains our thinking on this change.

All changes to declarations are in effect for E1.

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