Winter rules update : episode two - the rules strike back

[size=200]**WINTER RULES UPDATE 2016
Happy new year! A bit later than I thought (Raff here) but we’ve just put some updates live. We’re slowly slogging through the remaining work, but today sees some changes to the use of SHATTER, and the long-anticipated rules on navies.

As always, we’re tracking wiki updates here, and you can read about rules changes here. I believe that the Boss will be reminding everyone about these changes before the next event when he does his traditional e-mailshot.

[size=150]SHATTERING BLOWS[/size]
We have increased the minimum weapon length required to call SHATTER with the shattering blows skill from 42" to 48". You can read about the reasons behind this change here.

[size=150]ALL ABOARD THE BASILISK![/size]
The rules for how a navy works during a campaign – the orders it can be given and the way they interact with other navies and armies – are now complete. You can find them here

They cover movement, how a navy transports a campaign army, and what orders an Admiral gives their navy. These started out in an earlier iteration being similar to the orders generals gave their armies, but as we looked closer at the game purpose of a navy, we realised that wasn’t going to work. In this final iteration, there is a much more strategic element to what you order your navy to do and how it interacts with other elements during a campaign.

You’ll also find a page for a new Senate commission, the shipyard. It became clear that the shipyard, while it had some things in common with a Great Work, was slightly more complex and we’ve reflected this by making it “a thing” and by updating the (frankly unsatisfying) idea you could build a navy at any great work that is a bit water-y in nature. The existing shipyard at Atalya has been updated to be a shipyard under these rules).

Finally, I’ve scattered a couple more coastal regions around the north-west in Mitwold, Bregasland, and Kallavesa. We’re looking at the conceit that you can have a region that is on the coast without being coastal, and it’s likely there may be a few more tweaks. The short version is that in the same way that a region might have some woods but not the forested quality, simply having some beaches is not the same as the coastal quality; the coastal quality has specific meaning in the context of our military campaigns, and despite best efforts I couldn’t find a word that meant that but was also straightforward.

[size=150]EMERGENCY RESUPPLY[/size]
I almost missed this, but just after the last update we updated the way that emergency resupply of armies and navies is done, to bring it into line with the rest of our Senate motion pricing strategies. There is now a cost in crowns, in addition to the wains reqirement, to use this ability.


The photograph, by the by, is a lovely fun photo from Beth Dooner that I have scrawled all over. I’m sorry. Beth. #notsorryandIwoulddoitagain, #othersideofthehedge,