Winter solstice downtime

Hey up! The Boss tells me that Downtime should now be open. This means that any of your who have personal resources that let you make decisions (military unit, fleet, congregation) can log in and sort them out.

As previous events, I’ve put together a mishmash of stuff that should add context to any weird effects you see on your resource. You can find it on the main wiki here.

This page also details things like which armies will get you Guerdon shares if you support them, how you can assist Dogri Thulebane (and the consequences for doing so), how artisans can learn to make the new Ritual Raiment items that have been made available in conjunction with the Looking Glass, and reminders of various Winds of Fortune outcomes from the event.

Also, if you’re responsible for building something or arranging a downtime trade, now is also the time to make sure you have the appropriate things in your inventory and e-mail Profound Decisions (

Our plan is to leave DT open for a week and then close it so we can start processing battles and prepping plot for the next event.

The picture is an epic @Tom Garnett shot of the Dawnish Egregore, @Keeley Knight. It looks quite hopeful.

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Who should I send emails to re downtime issues?

Specifically, my inventory is empty. As I handed in over 20 resources, I am a little concerned…

I’d suggest is your best bet.

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Thank you, done so. It seems I failed to read my character passport properly, or pay enough attention to the wiki, as several crafting items had changed ingredients on me :stuck_out_tongue:

Boo :frowning: .

Not sure if this is a big deal, but the interface is still saying that selling Liao is only going to net me 12 rings, but the above post claims I should get a crown.

There are no active effects listed, is this a glitch, or just a case of not putting it in the UI?

Yes PD are aware and they’re working to fix this so fingers crossed.