Wintermark and Eternals

What is Wintermark’s relationship with Eternals? I can’t find reference in the wiki.

I was going for a survivalist/hunstman from Skarsind, and was figuring he respects Arhallogen’s brutal traits in that respect… but I don’t want to get killed, so I’m interested in knowing what’s the deal there.

We at the mark will judge you on your actions.

If you are brutal but honourable with it or it helps the Empire then go ahead. Just remember we are honourable and judge by actions.

Iirc Icewalkers have more to do with Eternals than the other core magical archetypes. That said the section here probably works for all three tribes to a degree: ‘‘Suaq magicians are widely known for their clever negotiations with Eternals, trying to use their wits and glib tongues to negotiate bargains that favour the icewalker and her people more than they favour the Eternals. Outwitting a powerful creature of another Realm is sometimes seen as the pinnacle of heroism for an icewalker.’’

So from that I assume there is a tendency to treat Eternals as powerful foreigners - negotiate, don’t take things at face value, and if in doubt remember the Five Things (Cold cannot compromise is a key one here I think).

My take has always been that the Winterfolk have a history of dealing well with the Summer Eternals, especially Cathan Canea who can appear in a Wintermark ‘‘story’’ as a supporter or an enemy with equal facility. I also assume the Mystics have a bit of leaning towards the Night Eternals of a certain hue (Sung especially) and possibly Wise Rangara and Llofir given themes to do with mysticism, prophecy and drugs.

Well, honourable might not be the best word. :wink:

The Wintermark key words are ‘strength, wisdom, cunning’. We keep our oaths and the word ‘glory’ is mentioned a couple of times in the brief, but ‘honourable’ isn’t. We do what needs to be done to survive. ‘Wintermark is a harsh land. Mastering it has made us strong.’ … Wintermark