Wintermark armour (chainmail types)

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I am new to Empire, and am trying to organise my kit. I am a bit confused by the heavy armour description in the wiki (might be because English is my second language). Does steel chainmail count as heavy armour? Or rather which types don’t.

I am currently planning to buy this type, because riveted chainmail would eat my budget up very quickly.

Also if you have any suggestions and advices I will gladly take them on board.

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As long as its steel butted mail like that is all good as heavy armour (Not a ref)

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Excellent, thank you

What counts as Heavy is down to weight and steel chain of pretty much any type should satisfy that. So you’re good :slight_smile:.

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Cheers, I’d rather ask and be 100% sure than show up in the wrong gears and be disappointed.

It’s worth checking, as there’s a lot of variation. Generally these sorts of things are left to the judgement of the refs on site. Steel butted maille, by many many precedents, is Heavy.

Do you need any help with the coverage rules, or the damage calls? (which can also be confusing)

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Hi Geoffrey, thank you for offering to spend time explaining stuff to a noob, very much appreciated. I already feel welcomed to the empire. I am organising an old friends reunion for the 2021 summer event, E3 if I am not mistaken. We went to a LARP when we were young some 18 years ago in Switzerland under the supervision and guidance of my stepfather. But life took us to different parts of the world, so this is the most epic thing I could think of. At this point I am trying to sort out the basic hard kit for everyone, soft kit is their job. And all the IC camping gear and supplies is also my job to sort out.

Once that is done I will look into the rules of combat. Am I understanding correctly that on the Friday there is a noob session to teach us all the rules? I will be arriving on a Thursday, so could do with some lessons then too, and maybe a few drinks. Will definitely be bringing some German beer along.

There are a series of workshops before every event, especially for the new players. These include overviews of the game, combat practice, and discussions with established characters and your egregores. They are mostly on Friday morning/afternoon, but Thrusday there will be many people socialising and willing to explain things and tell long stories.

I can recccomend (if needed), as a basic intro, the video below.

Ah, German Beer! Possibly the best on the planet! It might be the Belgian brews though… More checking is needed… :stuck_out_tongue:


Beer wise, I have no country of preference, although a good trappist beer will always win the day for me. Took me a while to appreciate ales though.

Can’t see a video link. But I have watched a few YouTube videos, listened to all the LARP Noobs podcasts and a few of Hulmes’ vlogs. I am properly hyped for this and can’t wait to be there.

In terms of factions, I loved the idea of the marshes or navarr. But the group vote went to wintermark. To be fair wintermark is an easy faction to like, with a theme that is very present in movies. So looking forward to that, need to find some nice tunic for my soft kit, nothing from wish.

Dreadfully sorry, it’s here.

Ah, the LARP noobs, lovely chaps. They even mention me in a couple of their discussions :smiley:

I play in Dawn (and have done since the game started). We’re camped next to Wintermark as defualt these days (2 large, loud nations…).

For tunics, you can hunt around the re-enactors shops as well, Wintermark has a fairly easy theme to find stuff for. Steinr, Suaq or Kallevesi?

Whatever happens, you are certain to find many stalls and traders at the site, selling enough stuff to trivially outfit any nation. Simple tunics will be there by the hundred. And there’s nothing wrong with Wish… as long as you don’t want it for more than a weekend… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hah, mentioned as a dawn character, or someone in charge of a monster unit?

By name as player. Little moments of fame :slight_smile:

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Fantastic, we all need a little bit of self indulging pride every now and then. It’s good for the mental health.