Wintermark bag "look" question

Its me again with a million questions. Sorry.

I have been waiting for a leather bag to come for sometime for my character. However, it appears that its going to come friday/monday. Totally useless when i need it for this weekend. If people be would be kind as to give me guidance on what bags would be ok… i can then amazon prime them. I understand here may be vendors that sell bags, but i like to have my character at least playable before i set off. The first one is my favourite…

That second bag is identical to a bag I use for my ‘full’ healer’s kit (as opposed to my house-call box) and if it is, that has some nice touches. Those front buckles are on hidden magnets, so you can open and close the bag very fast. There is a zip inside (but hidden) to hold the top shut and a small zipped pocket in the main space which I used for OOC stuff like car key and phone. Mine was £5 from Oxfam though…

It was not too jarring and even shows up in some of the photos from E3 last year.

Do you have an army surplus store anywhere near you? I’d check out airsoft and surplus sites for the old-style canvas bags. They’re great, especially if you paint, bleach or sew a design onto them. Those sites often have pretty reasonably next day shipping. That way you’ve not got 2 expensive large bags.

This will ship next day for about £11, and was my standard pattern of larp medic bag for years.

Amazon equivalent:

There are some “close” by, as in a short car journey… but i do not have that time to go to them after work. Or at least by the time they close.

I will bookmark that page however, my usual larp is modern… so they will come in very handy.#


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I am a new player, so may not be qualified to assist, but there is an Army Surplus shop in Banbury, which is the town with the closest station to Empire. It is called Troopers - it may be worth calling them - you may be able to pick something on the way.

I live close by, so if you are up against it time wise, I can pick it up for you and hand it over at the event, if you reserve it in advance. Please do personal message me, if you think I can assist.

Good luck!

Ah, shame. I’ve found a lot of stuff based on WWII-1970s military designs can be converted into fantasy LRP kit as it doesn’t have much obvious synthetic parts or camo patterns. Some of my belt pouches are old leather rifle ammo pouches, for example, and I used Australian army puttees from Ebay as leg wraps.

So if you got any sort of simple bag and painted a few runes, animal images or Suaq coat designs on it’d soon look super Wintermark.

Im in two minds on if i should come right after work on thursday, or not rush and come up friday morning. If i cant get anything before friday, ill do a google for them.

Thank you, this takes some pressure off knowing i have a fall back plan.

Im going to see if i can find runic things in the stalls this event. Ive done a pretty rush job getting kit within a month.

Thanks for the tips, its the little things that make it… “real”

FYI - I’ll be heading up on Thursday