Wintermark Halls

Think it would be worth having a list of the Halls with a very short, VERY top level summary of them. Nothing plot related, but more what is widely known (if anything) about them.

Sherard Hunters

The Sherard Hall is a minor settlement nestled in a wooded valley that forms a mountain pass around the base of the mountain known as The Fingers. Barely more than a handful of buildings, it has served as a welcoming house and place of healing for a network of Hunters seeking honour and glory hunting the beasts of Varushka and Hercynia. In more recent times, with the fall of Skarsind it has seen a number of younger warriors seeking a Name hunting the barbarians there, or small bands trying to reclaim their homeland.

The Hel Brethren
The small hold of Helheim is little more than a half derelict fortress in the midst of the black forest, after the fall of Skarskind the hold was reinforced by refugees who refused to leave their land and together they resisted the barbarian invasion as best they could.
The people of Helheim are known to be loud, stubborn and fiercely loyal.

The Rangers of Nanuk

A group of Suaq warriors, far to the north of the Wintermark. Defend their homes against whatever horrors the north has to throw at them. Currently the Wintermark Scout Group. Visually distinctive with their spears, fur coats, and banner (polar bear rampant on a blue background.)

The Saker
The Saker are a semi-nomadic extended family of small family groupings or ‘Hearths’. They have a roughly even split of the three traditions of the Mark. Though there is a strong tradition of Winter magic within the family, you would be hard pressed to find a calling that the Saker do not have within them. Currently the Saker Mother, the leader of the family, is Rheged Redspear.

The Cohort Of the Frayed

Less of a hall and more a lose gathering of Frayed from across the mark; this band of warriors, healers, traders as well as those from every walk of mark life have come together under the current leadership of a Helheimer and Former second in command to the Hel-brethren, Ox the crazy. Following the old tradition of Frayed working together to regain their honour they have begun to gather at an old decrepit watchtower inside of the Black Forest in Skarsind, repairing it with some assistance from a few of their leader’s old hall, as they have begun to make ready to sally out to meet whatever the battlefields of the empire throw at them. Hopefully so they may regain their skein in the eyes of their fellow wintermarkers and return honour to their lives, Sheparded along and accompanied by the ever present roars of psychotic laughter issuing froth from their current leader as he leads them into the thick of war.

The Travelling Three Rings Tokling

Governed by Laki and Wulfric Tokisson (who I don’t believe are on the forums yet), the Three Rings travelling tavern ensures that wintermark is never far from home for the road-faring. The hall of Toki has always given its banner freely to the musters of the Mark, but not all of the staff are combatants. The two brothers are mages in their own right and the halls vassals include a number of other ritualists, as well as a stormcrow, and a priest of pride.

The hall is situated on the outskirts of Kalpaheim and its constituent members predominantly hail from Hahnmark and Kallavesa.

The Renwaerd

Proud, skilled and strong The Hall of the Renwaerd finds it power through the three smaller halls that support it. The halls of Tyrshalt, Aetheling and Whiteoak have united to form a bastion of strength and skill through which the Empire can prosper. Years before, the halls of the Whiteoak and the Aetheling would have fought their own battles but barbarian incursions ravaged their strength and sent them fleeing; the survivors vowing to regain their homes and rebuild their strength. Tyrshalt swept up the refugees in their time of need; they too had suffered under the Barbarian attacks.

Three tears entwined the Kalavesi say of the Wintermark. How apt those three halls should find themselves united. They now stand with the Wintermark, ready to fight back the darkness that has ravaged their lands. Skarsind has been taken, the Fist of the Mountain leads with courage and the people of The Renwaerd are ready to help forge a greater empire than has ever been seen.

The Darkwolves of Argonne

A proud hall located in Hahnmark, it’s people are of all three traditions. To be a Darkwolf is to be one of the oath sworn of the hold, be they trader, grimnir or warrior, to be chosen for their loyalty and to work for the prosperity of hall and Empire. It stands roughly between the three main settlements of Hahnmark. It offers hospitality to all that pass through, as well as having high number of grimnirs and mystics skilled in the healing arts. it has become a place of rest for the warbands coming back from the many wars of the Empire.

It’s banner is three wolf heads of red, white and black upon a sky blue banner.


As the war effort in Skarsind came to fruition, a band of raiders under the command of ‘Swift Striking’ Ardith took back an abandoned hall toward the centre of Skarsind. The raiders settled the hall and raised a new banner. Under the sway of their priest of Ambition, and with the help of the Imperial Orcs, they seek to rebuild their homeland.

When marching with the warhost of the Mark, their banner provides a rallying point for grimnir, and their warriors specialise in skirmish and retrieval.

Banner: A knotwork red rose on white.
(Argent, a six-fold rose gules)

** The Four Watches of Holt Hyrde **

Holt Hyrde is a collective made up of a number of smaller factions, each with their own governance but all with the same calling. The 4 Watches go where they are needed, while the Anvil Holt maintains their base in Anvil. The 4 Watches of Holt Hyrde are dedicated to protecting the borders of Wintermark and the empire, and exercising vigilance in service of the greater good and unity of both. Not just Warriors, but also Grimnir, Scops, Scouts, Ritualist, Envoys, Farmers, Merchants, and Priests; each have skills needed by those who guard the roads of the 'Mark.

The 5 main factions of the Hyrde:

  • The Anvil Holt maintains representation in Anvil. This Holt has stand alone representation among the Wintermark Thanes at Anvil. (OOC They have their own info)

Each of the 4 Watches themselves are made up of multiple travelling halls, each with their own Thane.

  • Stormward Watch, which concerns itself with the Northern borders.
  • Dawnward Watch, which turns its eyes to the East.
  • Sunward Watch, which looks to the South.
  • Duskward Watch, which gazes out beyond the Western borders.

They are well traveled. All are welcome who seek glory for the Mark and for the Empire.

The Embers of Ashenhall

The community of Ashenhall was once a small traders village in Skarskind, in the Gulhule region. Upon the invasion of the Barbarians forces the village was decimated and burnt to the ground, many of the community fled into the mines owned by the ruling Thane however not all were so fortunate.

For the duration of the occupation, the group hid and survived in the mines, striking out to forage or scavenge what they could. Once the Empire reclaimed Skarskind, the community has emerged and has begun to rebuild their lost home, now deciding to send a small number of traders, hunters and warriors to obtain resources, learn of recent events and begin to find their new place in the world and within the nation.