Wintermark Priest Costume Sketch

Hi! So, I’ve been roleplaying text-based my whole life, and the upcoming Autumn Solstice is going to be my first LRP experience. I’m researching hard, and I’m going to play a Wintermark Priest (dedicated to the virtue of Wisdom). I’ve sketched up an outfit design onto a base that I’m quite happy with, but I’m not sure how well it suits Wintermark (exposed skin, no fur, some white). What do you guys think? I’m aware that you’re all away at the moment, haha, so I don’t expect too much response.

Welcome along Serpenteen, to the hobby, the game and the forums :slight_smile:

As a Kallevesi priest, it looks pretty good. I’m not an expert on Wintermark fashion, but that looks like an excellent start.

Have you had a look through the Wintermark look and feel pages in the wiki? You might also consider the Wintermark facebook page.

And yes, you will likely get more replies over the next few days :slight_smile:

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It’s lovely! I like the feathered front. I think the blouse could be a T tunic to better fit the wintermark brief, with maybe holes cut in the shoulders for a similar effect (I’ve seen this in the field). You might want to consider a head-dress as a Kallavessi too.

The detached, flowing sleeves read very Dawnish in their cut and not very Wintermark. As Batmage suggests, I think making it more of a solid tunic would fit better, and as well as holes at the shoulders you might cut a smaller V shape into the cuffs to mimic the slits in a way that doesn’t draw it towards another nation brief.

I’m not 100% on the slit in the skirt - I don’t think it strictly feels wrong for Wintermark but I don’t know the exact intricacies of the WM kit brief. Maybe consider a rougher but similar shape achieved by having the skirt almost-overlapping rather than being actually slit (not sure if that makes sense…)

I adore the feathered vest piece. It screams Kallevesi in a really unique and eye-catching way. The crossing belts also provide a great place to hang the typical Kallevesi bits and pieces.

And yeah, a head-dress is iconic of WM priests, but for the time being maybe just emphasize the feathers in your hair (I’d recommend giving them some visible means of attachment to draw attention to them and make obvious they are Priesty Accessories and not naga feathers or anything). You can build up to a more solid headpiece later if you like. Evolving kit is fun.


Thank you so much! That’s extremely helpful, I’m about to make some changes on the sketch and check back :slight_smile:

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Hello, nice character design. I’m also new to LARP and Autumn will (hopefully) be my first event too. Funnily enough I’m also (probably) going to make a much better dressed priest of wisdom, albeit from Urizen. If our characters meet on the field then be ready for some debates on pragmatic secularism as an approach to paragon-hood XD.