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First post (unless commenting counts) on the forums so apologies for any mess ups in format. I’m a Wintermarker potentially running for Hahnmark Senator at e4 2018, and will hopefully try and get in touch with the current senator to assist with anything if he needs it. However, I do have a couple of questions as I have only been to anvil once so far.

A) Who is the current senator for Hahnmark?

B) What issues are Wintermark currently facing, as I’m new I haven’t really had a chance to see many of the issues facing Wintermark and its people (and more expansively The Empire), and what are people’s opinions on these topics?

Any response would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

This is all stuff you need to find out in play I’m afraid! Anything in-game related shouldn’t be discussed off the field.


Actually, you can find out who’s the current senator by checking the wiki.


You should be able to find some of the backstory of issues facing Wintermark here - by looking at the Winds of Fortune and the Winds of War.

You’ll also be able to look through the Senate Motions and Synod Judgements looking for either the names of the Wintermark territories (as that’s also how the senators are referred to) and for the Wintermark National Assembly.

Other than that you should have a busy first few events trying to talk to as many people as possible as to what they think the main issues are, both in Wintermark and out in other nations. You’ll find a wide range of opinions and be prepared for a lot of walking :slight_smile:.


The incumbent stood for election and won again - their name is Hengest Dun, from the Current Imperial Titles page.

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