Wintermark Tradition Weighting

OK, so I get that Wintermark is popular etc, but within Wintermark, what’s the breakdown between the three traditions / factions like? Does it skew towards any specific branch, or is it fairly spread out between Steinr, Suaq and Kallaveesi?

I would say heavy skew towards Steinr

I would agree, many many more Steinr than the other two, probably more Kallavesi than Suaq after that

Figured this might be the case since Steinr are the closest thing in the game to vikings, hence the popularity.
Kind of relieved since I’m hoping to go Suaq. Gives me room to stand out a little easier.

Bonus question: are there many Icewalkers or are they a rarity?

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It’s pretty hard to guess at that. If a Suaq is a Magician, it’s probably a good bet that they are an Icewalker. All the Suaqs I know are Icewalkers, but I’m sure there’s plenty of Suaqs who aren’t.

I reckon the reason there are so many Steinr is that the kit is easiest to carry over from other systems, or to pick up at the event. Tunic, black trousers, chainmail and off you go. Fur coats and feathers are bit more system specific, and trying to dress up armour to look Suaq or Kallavesi takes a bit more effort. So it’s definitely easier as a newer larper to get up and running as a Steinr. I play a Kallavesi, but to be honest, my kit does look pretty Steinr apart from some beads and a feathered short cape. I’m not very crafty.

That makes sense about the kit. Fortunately I’ve already started work on my kit and I won’t even be getting to an event till next year haha. Gives me 9 months to get it perfect, so I’m willing to get a little craft-y.