Wintermark Trousers

Hi All,

I’m looking for some help and guidance. I’ve just finished making my new tunic. I should point out it’s been 9 months in the making and was originally designed for Highguard, however I have now decided to play in Wintermark. I know how to make the tunic blend into a Wintermark costume on the top half. However I’m really struggling to find something that would work both for the tunic itself and also the Wintermark setting.

Any advice would greatly received.

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Hi Phoenix,

I’m not sure what you are asking here.

Do you want advice on the bottom half of your Wintermark costume?
Are you after something other than the standard trousers-and-leg wrap bottom half for Wintermark?
Are you after advice for something to buy or something to make?

If you could give some more detail about what you are after it would help with my confusion.



Hi Lavender,

Frankly I’m looking for anything. I am drawing a blank on what would work for the bottom half of the costume. While there is a pool of stuff out there, they either don’t work with the tunic or or they don’t fit the Wintermark brief.

I’m more than capable of making something but I’m not sure what to make. By equally I’m happy to buy although generally the fits are awful and so it’s easier to make.

But what I need is inspiration on what people think would work! I’ve spent months debating this and come up with nothing, hence looking to a wider pool of opinions on what would work.

Hopefully that answers your question? Although not sure it does?!?

Looking at that piece of kit, I would not say it fits the Wintermark brief, just as a thing. I would not be able to recognise it as being Wintermark in the field.

If it would help, there’s been a recent update to the Wintermark Look and Feel page on the Wiki, with lots of information on how Wintermark dresses.

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Hi Noodle,

While I agree with you and accept that as I mentioned before I started making this some months ago and have since then decided on Wintermark and not wanting to waste 9 months work, I have come up with ways to blend it into a Wintermark feel on the top half.

I just need to find the right trousers to work with it.

Hi Phoenix,

Yes, that does answer my question, thank you.

From the wiki, looking at the Wintermark Look and Feel page (link above in Noodle’s post), I find this:

The traditional costume for Winterfolk of any tradition is either a thigh-length tunic of linen or wool worn over trousers, or a close fitting dress. In case, trousers are close fitting, often with wrappings ankle to knee.’

What about dark grey, dark blue or black trousers, worn with the leg wraps? Would that work for you?

Just out of curiosity, how are you blending that lovely tunic into a Wintermark feel? (This may affect my suggestions for bottoms as well).


Edited to add: When I suggested the traditional trousers, I was seeing them in my mind’s eye with a traditional T-Tunic over the top, and then your blue tunic over that. However, that may not work for you, and/or it may not work with how you are blending the tunic into Wintermark, so if you look at that suggestion and go ‘ICK’ I will not be offended. :slight_smile:

Hi Lavender,

I’m going to blend it with a top coat/cloak thing not entirely sure on its exact design yet and then have a fur mantle with it. This just a picture with the mantle over the top at the moment. But will give you some idea of how it will look… sort of at least. The coat/cloak will be about knee height. Somewhat rigid in style so won’t have much room to manoeuvre.

It’s difficult to explain exactly when is yet to decide on its final look. In terms of a long tunic that wouldn’t work as it would look very odd in terms of length. So I will be wearing a shirt undeath which will tuck into the trousers.

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Hi Phoenix,

That should look fantastic!

I would go with just plain viking/Wintermark trousers for the bottom under that fur mantle/coat-cloak/tunic/shirt combination on the top. You could add leg wraps, but I am not sure if they would add or detract from the look. My advice would be to make a plain pair of Viking/Wintermark trousers (drawstring/elastic waist etc) in whatever colour you think would look best (I’d go for a black or a dark colour). The mantle is fantastic, and I wouldn’t want anything to grab attention away from it and the cloak/coat.

Have you tried it on with a plain pair of trousers? How did it look?


Hi Lavender,

Many thanks for the complement. I’ve just taken another picture which might demonstrate the style of what the coat/cloak might look like. It will be armless so the arms will be exposed. It’s likely to be a black or dark brown wool. Not sure wt need to exponent on that one. It will be pulled back slightly in the way that a 1800’s naval tunic was but shaped similarly to how I have pulled the mantle back currently in the below pic. The contrast will be in the same leather as the tunic so it should do well against that. The mantle will sit in a more convential manner than t currently is. Just only way I could show what I meat.

I was thinking either a dark brown or black for trousers too I have some awesome boots being custom made for this outfit which are dark brown too. I also need to make a decent belt and matching pouches for it too.

In terms of style of trousers what would you recommend?

Any linen style trousers in any colour with leg wraps works well, I’ve seen flannel material pj bottoms work also, as long as the trousers aren’t riddled with pocket and zips you’ll be fine. Depending on which of the three tribes your character belongs you may want to vary the colour but what you’ve got colour wise already black, blue, grey etc would work fine I think

Hi BazRavish,

Many thanks for the reply. I had not considered Linen as an option, I will look into as an option.

Hi Phoenix,

The cloak/coat and mantle look wonderful, even in that very rough just-to-give-an-idea photo. I think either black or brown trousers will work well with the outfit; whatever colour takes your fancy. :slight_smile:

As for style, I would go with something very simple and easy to sew (I find fitting trousers to be a pain, so the simpler the better, in my opinion). This is a pattern from the Wintermark Costume page on the wiki:

Something like that would work for me, in either linen (as suggested above) or wool for warmth.

Do you have a pair of fairly simple modern trousers at home? Could you try them on with the rest of the costume and see how the silhouette looks? That could give you a better idea of what will work and what won’t work.

There is a group for costumes on Facebook, called Costume Froth. If you want to post there I am sure they will help you as well. I’m crossing my fingers that this link works:

I am sure that there are a lot of people on these forums who know a lot more than I do about costume and sewing, and they will help you as well. The above is just my opinion, not universal laws or anything like that. :slight_smile:

There is another trouser pattern on the wiki Wintermark Costume page, down the bottom under the heading Specifics, if you want to look at it:

Whatever you decide, I am sure it will look fantastic.


@Phoenix I think I wore something like these for my first event -

Worth checking charity shops for similar if you have any near by, as I said anything without an abundance of pockets and zips is usually okay especially if you’re thinking dark in colour!

I use these for ny Wintermark character, though I did increase the leg width at the ankle so it was more like my jeans width. I use an elastic waistband

Hi BaxRavish, many thanks for the look, I will look into these and see if they will work.

@Kargur are you referring to the above link?

I forgot to paste the link in facepalm

It’s these Ilsa Makes Things — Tutorial: Basic Pants with Gusset

Many thanks I will have a look into them.

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I just wear linen trousers from Matalan. Primark have also done similar. The top of them looks quite ooc but that’s not an issue in Wintermark because tunics are long enough to cover that. Avoiding hero pants might make it harder to find trousers from larp suppliers, but really easy to find from ordinary shops.

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Seems Linen is more popular here than I had expected for trousers. I will have a look around in the above avenues and see what I can come up with.

Also been thinking about leg wraps and not sure they would work as the boots are mid calf length so might look odd? Any thoughts on that?