(WIP) Ophis/Diras lantern


Quiet time at work + access to a laser cutter has produced this.

Not sure yet how much “finishing” I’m going to do - any thoughts? Considering a darker stain to the frame and/or a reflective surface in the base.
Originally thought to colour the panels (pale yellow for Ophis, purple for Diras) but I think I prefer it clear.


I think it looks very good. I personally would try and cover the metal on the top as it looks a bit modern and then you would need to think about which nation you are part of before finishing it off. Some nations would probably suit a darker wood frame where as some would suit the lighter. You will also need to think about whether it is going to hang from something or if it is going to stand and then design either the hook or the stand. Other than that, I think it looks ready.

If they weren’t too difficult to make, maybe make a few. You could either use them all or try and sell some at the next event, I’m sure there would be a few people that would want something like that. If you do make more, you could make them different colours and maybe set up some light signals for you and your friends, such as a colour for when someone is looking for one of you, a colour for when no one is at the tents and maybe a colour for when there is something of interest going on.


Have you considered putting something inside to diffuse the light a bit, you could you muslin or the gels that theatre techs use for lights. Just something to make it less point source.

And yeah apart from that I think painting the sides would help and perhaps painting the top black or with something to give it a more bronze or gold feel?

It’s pretty cool and I think it would also be a great prop to tote round the ritual circle. Hmmm perhaps for your next project you can make a “shuttered lantern” :).


The light is a dozen leds along a wire, so can easily be spread out. It’s also a whole lot less blue irl than the picture seems.


It looks great! I can only really suggest making it more nation-themed or worn looking. Laser cut items always look a bit too clean on the lines as they have no tool or sanding marks and the burned edges are very clear. Although sanding them a bit to expose the clean wood a bit might work really well.

Painting is always good, especially as a means to add weathering. If you use some thinned acrylics or glass paint on the panels, or sand and stain/paint the edges, it’ll look more like a well used wizard tool. Maybe stain, sand in some weathering and and then wax polish it?


If you can find a way to do it without too much hassle, I suggest putting a transparent panel in the base as well. It’s often really useful to be able to have light shining downwards.

I agree with Jim about painting (or removing) the scorched wood.
I’m not sure about the weathering… it depends on whether you want it to be new or old IC. Equally, you can make it fancy or utilitarian, depending on your character’s personality, nation etc.

Having Diras on a light source seems a bit strange… but now I’m imagining the Diras panel having its inside surface treated with a black paint undercoat (or black paper) and then a white or reflective topcoat, except where the rune is, so that from outside the panel lets no light through except the rune itself which would be glowing against a black background.