Withdrawing Conclave motions

At the moment people who have raised motions are allowed to withdraw them.
This allows you to block motions by raising them yourself and then withdrawing them later.
Feature or a bug?

I don’t think anything stops someone else also raising the same motion, does it?

Except that you don’t generally submit a motion that is already on the agenda. I figure that if the mana is non-refundable then that’s already a good incentive against it, and if it can be upheld by someone else (probably for another mana) at the meeting then that might be a suitable process.

So far, the mana has been refunded.
I don’t see it as a serious problem, because the minute you tried it as anything but a ‘damn, sorry, mistake’ not only would the rest of the Conclave start baying for blood but there’d probably be some priests waiting with pointed questions. That’s the kind of trick you only get to pull once on the sly.

If people are that bothered by it, the simplest answer is to let any other mage cough up the one mana for the declaration to still go ahead…

Those points are both why it’d be nice to know how it would playout. 1, it’s easy to fix 2, it’s a risky one time strategy.

Moreover, I can’t imagine it has never happened in the last 100+ years, so it seems like the sort of thing for which there ought to be a procedure!

Sssh dre we’re players we’re special, although it’s not a great argument, oooh wouldn’t that be ace if amity and enmity against eternals reset whenever the conclave was dissolved, then I’d have a reason why the slightly meta argument of why hasn’t x eternal been given amity before.

I was under the impression (can’t remember where I got it from) that Emperor Walter reset all amities and emnities as his disastrous intervention in the Conclave.

You’re right.
Although even Walter couldn’t walter up Wendigo’s emnity.

profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … and_emnity

[quote]Eternals with Amity
As of 376YE, no Eternals were in a position of amity following the disastrous intervention of Emperor Walter. Over the course of 377YE, declarations of Amity were passed by the Conclave for the Eternal Sadogua, the Eternal Basileus Kade and Carolinus Kade, the Herald of Basileus Kade.

Eternals with enmity
As of 376 YE, the only well-known Eternal subject to declaration of enmity is Wendigo, a Winter Eternal that promotes unspeakable acts and cannibalistic feasts. He was made subject to this declaration in the 306 YE Winter Solstice session of the Conclave following exposure of his involvement in no less than three cannibalistic cults dedicated to blasphemy, idolatry and heresy. [/quote]

Missed that, thanks for pointing it out.