++Wizard Meetings++

We’ve just implemented a couple of changes to Conclave sessions designed to make them run a little more smoothly. You can find a summary and explanation here → http://bit.ly/Conclave_Sessions

The short version is that we’ve made two basic changes.

  • You can use your mana to talk with the person who raised the declaration or address under discussion
  • All Declarations of Candidacy take place in order after the addresses, before all other declarations.

In-character these changes arose following some discussion between a representative of the Consitutional Court and the Grandmasters during the Autumn Equinox. I’m hoping - if we can manage the scheduling challenges - to see a member of the CC along to more Conclave sessions in the coming year to offer some support to the magicians of the Empire. Fingers crossed.

(Edit) We’ve also removed the prohibition against the same person speaking twice on a given discussion topic from Principle of Precedence. We’re a little more cautious about this change and will be keeping a close eye on how it changes debates (if at all)