Wooden Mage Staff

I have no intention of engaging in battle due to health reasons and would be staying well away from the battlefield, would it be OK to use a wooden staff for my Landskeeper rather than a LARP-safe staff?

I’d say yes. Clearly if a fight happened to kick off near you get out of the way and potentially drop the staff to make it clear you were not fighting, but you’d no doubt do that anyway. There are plenty of walking sticks and ceremonial staves around the field. :slight_smile:

“A ritual staff is designed to be used by a ritualist during the performance of a ritual; it does not need to be a weapon safe implement and you do not need the battle mage skill to bond or use one of these items.”

However, a non-weapon-safe ritual staff is not suitable for any use as a mage implement, and can’t be taken to combat or anything.

I’ll be avoiding combat like the plague I’m in no way battle fit. :slight_smile:

My staff is a chunk of cherry tree from the front garden, with some ribbons attached.

Very useful as a third leg for all that walking too!

And here’s where Tea quoted that from the wiki (In the weapons section for some reason… :slight_smile:)

profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … ms#Weapons