Worst thing to do?

me again. anyway, i was just thinking i know that some people hate it when someone brakes their emersion. so what are some of the things that do this?
i know the basic like out of place items like phones or talk OOC in an IC time/place but is there anything else like little pet peeves.

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A little but of OOC talk is essential for me due to my IC profession so it establishes the persons boundaries and mine but excessive OOC chat I agree ruins it.
People getting wasted kinda ruins it for me as I start to get quite nervous so it makes hard for me to stay IC.

Leaving your toilet cubicle in a usable state.
Cleaning the sink after you’ve put on your makeup.
Put your rubbish in a bin.
Not having your sword stuck out horizontally on your hip when walking through bars and tents.
Walk around the tent. Not over the guyropes.


Im not experianced at empire, but i am from other larps.

  1. Read the lore/background
    Try to read up on your factions history and lore. Or other areas of pertinent interest, It helps you get into the spirit of the class/faction/role you are playing. It also helps other players interact with you, as you will have some solid starting points for conversation.

*Some systems may encourage a little stray from the hardline lore/feel, but straying too far out can make it hard for other people to initiate RP. It could be a little jarring for people to interact as they try to OC figure out whats going on. it could also cause plot later on to directly clash with the ideas you have. So in short, try to stick to the lore brief as closely as possible for a first character.

  1. Try to be consistent/grow slowly
    If you play a character as a badass hunter in your first and second event… dont suddenly have them become an assassin for hire for their third event. if this is what you want, RP the crap out of that with people (tbh, thats some great RP right there… who made them do that? why did they do that? how do they do that?). Get other players involved so they see the progression over an event or two. Dont just drop the “hey im different this event because reasons” bomb.

  2. RP action calls when you can
    Try to avoid just throwing down a “call”. Do some RP around it. You may not have that luxury in raw combat… But make it look epic, make it sound epic!

Example, when casting spells. You are not just muttering to yourself for 30 seconds standing still. You are calling the gods or the spirits, you are invoking elements or pulling energy from deep within your soul. Grovel to your gods, plead with the elements, talk to the spirits, cry out in pain as you pull a fragment from your soul to heal a valiant warrior.

Hope it helps

**edit. i may have misread the initial post and posted faaaar too much advise. Im leaving it up however as ive already written it.

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There are lots of little things to avoid - for instance, oaths like “Oh my God!” or “Jesus Christ…” are really quite jarring for me, as well as people saying “I have Physick” instead of “I am a Physick/I have some Physick training”.


One small one that I know annoys a lot of people and is on the borders of the diversity rules. avoiding talking about ‘these men’ when talking about a mixed gender grouping, likewise for skirmishes avoid statements like ‘30 man’ rather use Person or Citizen.


Trauma card chasing.
Traumatic wounds represent pain, suffering and misery for your character. So when peoples love of the things shines through into the game I find it quite disturbing.

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My pet peeve is people assuming I’ve gone OOC. My character has a sense of humour, some people seem to find that hard to understand.

If you die/retire, your previous character might as well have been played by someone else. Accidents do happen, I accept that it can be hard to remember what you learnt as which character, but saying things like “in a previous life…” really annoys me. You only know about that OOC.


Traumatic wounds represent pain, suffering and misery for your character. So when peoples love of the things shines through into the game I find it quite disturbing.

I know people who enjoy pain and suffering IRL :stuck_out_tongue:

However, something similar seems weird in surgery situations, especially refusing painkillers when available in the system. Would anyone (except very skilled hypnotists and very, very extreme BDSM fans) really ever want to refuse any sort of anaesthesia for major surgery?? Think about it. That seems like only considering the OOC game mechanics and not how it would actually affect the character.

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Taking modern morality as the default and the Imperialistic Human Regime to be the deviation.


Worrying too much and not having fun because of that :slight_smile:. Seriously there are few mortal sins that won’t be forgiven for new players. Its this stuff on players who should know better that annoys. So chill ;).


phys Reps. Lack thereof.
For apothecaries, the only role play with skill is trade and making. Turning into coke can machines irritates me.
Have leaves, roots, even grabbed up grass. Something.
Mana crystals. Trade. Have them.
Speaking in conclave? Hand. Over. Phys reps. (But it’d take longer. Yes. Yes it would. But look awesome. It’d prevent soneone walking around with 100 mana as well)


I am not sure it’s the worst, but I do find physreps are the LARP equivalent of the difference between tabletop players saying ‘I use diplomacy’ and ‘Lord Brutal, let me offer a counter-proposal…’ - they make the ‘X seconds of appropriate roleplaying’ involved in so many interactions so much easier.

As a physicker, taking phys-reps has made a difference. I only carry as many cards as I have phys-reps for these days, which means I use a chest in my IC tent to store ‘overflow’ cards. I replenish my carried stock after healing, I pull out bottles to identify the correct one as part of the 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay which accompanies application of herbs.

Phys-reps make roleplay happen. I agree that a bag of 100 mana crystals would represent gravitas and obviously adds to immersion.


Me too: that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this thread.
I know the player is saying it unthinkingly, and if my character reacts to it appropriately (“What? You have a god? Heretic!”) then it won’t do anyone any good.

It always makes my thoughts/headspace go from IC to OOC and back, taking a few seconds. So, yes, that might be my top “pet peeve”.

Somewhat relatedly, deliberate OOC references/jokes can annoy me. Like the time when all the audience was laughing at a “Fear of the Orc” song for some reason my character couldn’t understand. (Afterwards I found out that it was a filked version of the OOC song “Fear of the Dark”.)

I agree that it’s always a bit disappointing seeing people handing over just a card in Conclave. I don’t see a problem with carrying a hundred mana though (depending on what size crystal physreps you use, of course).

I nearly said “good God” last event managed to salvage it to “good…grief”.


Im totally there with the OOC use of Oh my God (or even the slight adaptation of “Oh my Virtues” because it sounds crap). Other similar curses and expletives I find can jar me a bit too,
There is nothing wrong with a good Fu :mage: k or Sh :woman_mage: t In my opinion (much better than religious based curses).

For handing over and trading I can give or take a card. They get handed over anyway, yes its nice if someone hands you a bottle or something first.

With regards to phys-repping mana I can kind of understand why people don’t, especially when it comes to Conclave; I feel there is little actual RP value to handing it over, unless as @AnthonyHJ says, they have something like 100. Herbs or something required for Physiking though, there is definite RP value to having them, for both the Physik and the patient.

With regards to OC oaths, I do sometimes slip up - I try hard not to, but it’s difficult when something is so ingrained. When I do slip up, I’m very aware of it, so it breaks my immersion just as much as the people’s around me…!

Songs can be a bit hit and miss, and for me depends on where/when they’re being performed. ‘Fear of the Orc’ for example I didn’t mind, despite knowing the original, as it was in a bunch of songs being performed in our tent. I know at least one person in my group though who found it somewhat jarring.

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I can’t afford a lot of nice physreps, is there a guarantee to get them back afterward?

Also, what’s a good Physrep for Liao?

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I agree with the

This is my issue with crystal mana… i would think asking OC for something back would break immersion more than just handing over a card. I dont want to be spending RL money on physreps to just hand them to other people. Then go running after people post event to get my kit back.


For liao I use Parma Violets. They also double up as a sugar boost if required. Other purple sweets are available. Some people use a bottle of purple drink (like Ribena) to swig from but that’s not so helpful if you are selling/giving the liao to someone else rather than using it.

I also find card/physrep wrangling to be kinda tricky. Having come back into the priest game after the switch from the bottle physreps to cards it has been more awkward to hand over a piece of candy and then try to palm a card over to the other person at the same time.

Keeping the physrep can be done - hold the physrep obviously to show what you are doing and then at the last moment switch it out for a card - but I find that just as jarring as handing over a plain card.

… but, rules do say physreps. So a small pebble - literally, something taken from the garden and washed down - or a little glass pebble, or something like that, could go a long way. If there were enough in circulation they would come back around as well.