Worst thing to do?

The Conclave thing is awkward because IC you are handing over one item, so OOC handing over two is also “wrong”. And then I may spend the next 2 hours stressing about getting my physrep back, because anxiety does that. Personal opinion: I don’t think it’s too bad, the real immersion killer for me is miming and just gesturing handing over or (to generalise to more situations) doing a thing. Any physrep of approximately the right size I can gloss over, including a card for a mana crystal.

I think it would be nice if the crystals were more prominently used in rituals though, that doesn’t have the same concern about getting physreps back.


granted - however, if everyone that traded mana gave phys reps as well - you’d end up with a nice mixture of different mines.
You can always offer and then the receiver can decline - many times had that happen - and if you use mana, you can keep your ‘own’ for usage then remove from play until you get more, giving back the donor/seller their phys reps.
Its just when someone takes out of a pouch 40 true vervain and 20 mana, this represents 40 pieces of plant and 20 rocks. a small pouch isn’t cutting it [i don’t want people lugging sacks around either BUT it might make economics and bourse and conclave a bit more ‘real’?]

so i guess the easy ways to do this is.

if you are talking to one person about 2 or so item to trade then a rep is likely not needed but

if talking to a hole group and trade a larger amount like 5 or more rep will make the effect a lot better.

but in the end i guess its up to the person and people around.

Well, the pouch has to contain a physrep for each crystal and each dose. Otherwise the player is breaking the rules.

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That’s an important point. As I understand it, a ref could undo anything you try to do with just a card. In theory, GOD could ask you to provide a phys-rep for your secret blend of herbs and spices every time you go to make a potion. It’s not like any of us would wave a ribbon around and call it a magic sword; we tie it to a sword.

For example, the entry for herbs (in common with other game items) reads:

You must provide a phys-reps for any herbs that your character owns, and the cards should be kept with the phys-reps, otherwise you cannot use the herbs in game and should not carry the cards on your person.

It does offer the following concession however: (oddly, no other phys-rep has this line)

You can also focus on phys-repping a suitable container for the herbs instead if you prefer.

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This is how I physrep my herbs. I use a couple of resin bottles. and a pouch with some crystals in for mana as I’m not a mage.

re: mana crystal phys reps

I use a stretch bracelet I found on a peddler stall once, and have just done a google shopping search for “stretch bracelet”. Found a load of elasticated bracelets with gems set in them, and it turns out that a stack of cards is about the same perimeter as a human (or orc) wrist. Including this really rather gorgeous example (bracelet, not wrist) https://www.kbeads.com/p-1188360-rectangle-electroplate-glass-bead-stretch-bracelets-gray-57-64mm.html?currency=GBP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2vOihOjQ3AIV1PhRCh3b9Q-yEAkYBSABEgJ-d_D_BwE

For Cystal Mana phys reps I use https://amzn.to/2KozRpL . They are small enough to carry them around and I have the ones that I want to use / sell on a leather cord around my neck. Easy to slip them off the cord when they are used / sold.

A quick ebay search finds these possibilities for mana crystals:


I have marbles in my bag to represent mana when required. The exact contents of my bag changes quite frequently so the numbers of physreps and cards do not normally match, but I always have a few marbles for mana crystals and a few potion bottles to represent whatever potions I have on me at the time.


I find this funny because I actively avoid trauma cards. It’s not typically a part of RP I enjoy and I’d rather these awesome RP opportunities go to those who would enjoy the RP and give the healers better game.

You can find the old PD physreps for liao at GOD. They sell them pretty cheaply and I think they look good.