Would anyone be willing to look over my character?

New to LRP and Empire caught my eye. I want it to be my first LRP experience but there is quite a daunting amount of lore.
Urizen caught my eye and I’ve created a quick character profile, if someone could check it out and give me some feed back that would be great (:slight_smile:

As a current Urizen player I’d be happy to take a look.


Welcome along, to the hobby and the game!

It looks like you have the character review covered :slight_smile:

There IS a lot of lore. There’s backstory, game mechanics, and recent history, now into 7 years of player action…

…and you need to know barely any of it.

I reccomend having a hunt around on the Empire wiki and reading up on:
Your nation, at least the top page or two
Your home province
What your skills do
And the most recent of the Winds of War, if it touches on your nation, for a little recent news.

There is also, of course, an Urizen Facebook group, where a lot of the players congregate to discuss, plan, plot, and organise.

I’ve not played Urizen, but if you have questions about other aspects of the game, I am happy to answer questions!


As a current Urizen player, whose been in the nation for a very long time, I’m happy to read over your character if you’re still looking for more eyes. (after all Witnessing is important :wink:)

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@Geoffrey_Willoughby @Bradstyley @Kai_G

thank you for your replies, i will send you over what i have wrote down

I am unable to message anyone else so i will just post the info here…

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In-character Information


Azekial believes he was born to rule, despite the way social structure works within his nation.

His ability to perform rituals and magic is often outclassed by those around and as a result he often feels the need to prove his worth a leader on the battle field.

deep down he has the belief that his people are cowards, their ways of resolving conflict does not fall into place with his idea of perfection.

However this is an opinion he keeps to himself, knowing that his opinions are unpopular.

He treats comrades and those who brave the battle field with him with the upmost respect and often turns his nose up at those who stay behind when they could be useful else where.

What are your character’s main goals?

To rise to power.

he see’s himself as a natural leader and has no other goal other then to make his way to the top, stopping at nothing in his quest to ascend to the title of emperor. or perhaps beyond

What is your character seeking to perfect?

The art of war.

years of torment from the savage orcs and barbarians have whittled away at his patience. the time for change approaches and he seeks to spearhead the decapitating strike that will butcher the heretics.

Along side this he wishes to better his presence as an inspiring leader.

Do you have a personal philosophy?

“By any means necessary.”

ruled by his thirst for power Azekial makes ruthless and often questionable decisions when he has his time in power as he believes that he must be bold and make a statement to his superiors.

However when not in such a position Azekial finds himself manipulating and slowly stack the cards of fate in his favour, he is the serpent that lays waiting in the grass. always poised to strike.

“Loyalty is its own reward.”

Azekial is a rather questionable, however he does not care what others think as he knows where his loyalty is placed.*

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Well that’s a rather… forthright character. I think Ambition may be a deciding Virtue here :slight_smile:

Looks like he’s aiming to be a charismatic hero leading the Urizeni to martial glory and himself to the Throne… It’s worth a shot.

It should make for an interesting game. How to achieve it… is another story.

Try to pick out a few things to do off the battlefield. You can certainly study and train in the art of war and command at Anvil, even if this means a lot of listening to tales of battles and skirmishes past.

Go for it!


It sounds like him and one of the folks I’m playing with come E1 next year will get along like a house on fire…or maybe set the house on fire.



One note is that Azekial sounds like more of a Highguard name than an Urizeni one, in my opinion.

Urizeni names tend to be Roman or Greek inspired.


Hiya, another Urizen player here, I was going to offer to give feedback but since you’ve posted it here anyway…

First off, it’s a strong idea for a character, you will certainly have a lot to do, and plenty to talk about which is good because it will keep you busy and give you lots of game.

However, you did mention that you’re new to larp in general? with that in mind there are a few of my initial thoughts.

To be clear, none of these are criticisms of the character, itself, these are just questions I’d ask to make sure that the character you’re making matches up with what you actually want to play.

  1. deep down he has the belief that his people are cowards, their ways of resolving conflict does not fall into place with his idea of perfection.

It might be worth expanding a bit on what you mean here. If you’re playing someone who doesn’t think magic can solve problems in Urizen, you’re going to have a interesting game, but will need to be prepared to defend that opinion regularly and often.

More specifically what’s his reasoning for believing that Urizen are cowards? They’ve been fighting on the front lines of one of the bloodiest fronts for several years, and if anything are among one of the most ruthless/pragmatic nations in the empire so this might be a difficult one to sell convincingly once you’re in character. There’s nothing wrong with the character believing it, just as long as you’re aware that it’s going to be slightly difficult to square it with the facts.

  1. he see’s himself as a natural leader and has no other goal other then to make his way to the top, stopping at nothing in his quest to ascend to the title of emperor. or perhaps beyond.

An excellent goal, just remember that you will be surrounded by equally ambitious player characters (roughly 2000 of them) who have no obligation to listen to you, or any reason to buy into your characters opinion of themselves. You will need to prove yourself to others before anyone will give your claims of leadership ability credence.
Apologies if this is something you’ve already considered but in my experience it’s a common mistake when new to larp. Making a character who aims to become an inspirational leader will work well and give you plenty of roleplay. Making a character who already believes they are an inspirational leader can often lead to disappointment and disillusionment unless approached carefully.

As Geoffrey said. It’s a strong character, just be aware that the goals you’ve set for the character are extremely ambitious, and plan to have as much fun in failure as success. :wink:


As Geoffrey said. It’s a strong character, just be aware that the goals you’ve set for the character are extremely ambitious, and plan to have as much fun in failure as success. :wink:

Can confirm, having crises of Virtue where you question all your life choices can be as much fun as achieving your goals. #LRPgoals


please, tell me more :slight_smile:


I’ve recently been told this, need to come up with something new…

any suggestions?

@Geoffrey_Willoughby @MrK

He is fully aware that he is going in a land and will be surrounded by people who are superior to him, he will want to learn and talk to as many people as he can.

well his opinions come from his life in spiral and the fact that his magic is simply not the best. He doesn’t use it to answer conflicts.
His opinion that his people are cowards stems from what he has seen before coming to anvil, this is subject to change depending on what happens and how this will effect the character. and if this doesn’t align with the facts I am okay with this. I am okay with my character being incorrect as it means he has more chances to be corrected and learn!

He would never be out right rude to someone, his main goal is to make friends and build respect, loyalty and eventually trust. To fail at this goal would make his end goal impossible, he simply can not afford to make enemies.

I certainly plan for failure, or even the death of the character. The way i see it he will be starting at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Empire, and he knows this too, so he has no choice but to prove himself. His main goal in battle is more of a support role, using the hero abilities “stay with me” and "get it together " to have a presence on the battlefield, OOC reason is I have no idea what my combat abilities will be like so I wish to play it safe :wink:


Hey, and welcome. You’re in an interesting boat here - you have definitely written a better background than most folk who ask this question, as it passes some of my critical ‘is this background worth having?’ tests. But there are some areas where I would suggest tweaks if that was OK.

Where most people go wrong (and you haven’t) is that they write backgrounds that are meaningless fluff, of no interest to anyone but themselves. Whereas you have made the much more sensible step of giving yourself things to do in game. In that sense I love it.

The two areas where I would suggest caution. One is the distrust of magic. That is quite a common trap, in that your character is part of the nation defined by magic and they are defined by being at odds with that. My usual advice even to experienced larpers is to embrace your nation brief as hard as possible - that almost always makes better game. In my first fest game there was a nation based on revolutionary France - I took one look at it and thought ‘I could be a fugitive aristocrat, that would be so cool!’ Then I discovered that about sixty people were playing fugitive aristos and were in fact a far bigger faction than the people playing the normal brief (so few of them that at my first event I didn’t find any). This sort of thing happens all the time, so these days I normally find I can create characters who are unusual exceptions by not playing an unusual exception. :slight_smile:

The second is the military leadership ambitions. This is the area of the game that I focus on myself (my character is currently one of the League generals) and I wrote something similar to you (rather less dramatic) in my own background. I definitely encourage you to pursue this (and would be hypocritical not to), but my advice is to be a bit more flexible/open ended than what you’ve written. A drive to leadership, because your character feels they are the best person for the job (any job), is great. It is also superbly on brief for a changeling if you are thinking of playing one. However, the field is awash with people who want to be military leaders - some with years of training and experience, some with none - so it is an extremely competitive field. This shouldn’t stop you trying, but it is good to be flexible about what kind of role you go for. A really big thing this does is that it sidesteps a trap many new fest larpers fall into of setting themselves up to fail; if they don’t get the thing they said they’d try for they feel like they ‘lost’. Whereas if you are more open to opportunity you might take over any number of institutions and carve a niche for yourself that feels like winning.


The Urizen page in the wiki has links to Roman and Byzantine names here

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I do like Cyrus and felix as names

They’re playing a Changeling who’s currently got a handful of very martial goals in mind…largely magic based, but still very much “We need to reclaim, solidify, and show we can as we should be able to as magic is rightfully what we are known for”

I feel you on naming characters. It’s hard…and harder when you’ve got a set proforma to work to and/or want to avoid.

Also, not knowing when you’re planning on hitting the field, I can ask my friend if you want to touch base with a character/have a natter about Spire stuff.

(I don’t know if they’re looking at expanding the group that’s growing, but I know it’s super helpful when LARPing to have someone that you instantly IC go “I’ve not seen you for a while” to and start a conversation that way)

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First of all thank you for such a detailed response! I really do appreciate it.
I believe addressed some points in my previous post, but I’ll try to elaborate now!

Firstly I’d like to address what you said about him “fearing” magic. I’m not quite sure where you got that idea from but I’ll explain now.

So one thing to understand is his feelings towards magic, he’s simply not the best mage, only having the basic capabilities and two rather useless rituals that align more with his It’s a slight insecurity of his and it has the potential to manifest into something quite ugly.
He is a typical Urizen in the sense he seeks knowledge and perfection, only real difference is he’s far from a master of magic. Much like others of his nation he is extremely opinionated but he is not as out spoken as most.

Like stated above he knows he’s going to a land with vastly superior people, he is prepared to start from the bottom and work his way up, but when it come snto carving his niche I think it rely on his hero abilities, I want him to slowly build an inspiring presence on the battlefield and eventually earn respect and trust until his allies listen to him and he can apply combat tactics etc


That sounds interesting, is there somewhere I can read about different player characters? Or could you send me some of yours and your friends so I may learn a bit more about the current players.

I don’t mind, I don’t know anything besides what you’ve told me so it would definitely be interesting to see what type of people my characters knows from before he arrived in Anvil.

I think the name Mars would be interesting if not Felix is cool as well.