Y2e2 tent list

Hi Navarr! I’m your nations camp planner, and I’m trying to get a list together of what IC tents people are planning to bring to camp IN THE FIELD. This does not apply to those of you who camp in the woodland.

We were very low on space last event, and so we are trying to get an idea of how many tents will need field space for the next event. Due to how soon this is happening, I ask that you please respond here by the end of the week, so I can begin trying to make arrangements with PD crew and the other nations.

Again, this only applies to IC tents being pitched in the field area of our camp.

Be aware that this topic has also been posted on the Navarr Facebook group. If your tent has already been accounted for there, please do not post it again here.

Please use the following format:
Name, or Group Name
Quantity, size and type of tent.

For example…
Kelly Poole/Duskborne Striding
1 x 5m Bell Tent
1 x 6m Emperor Tent
1 x 4x4m Ridge Tent

Thank you!