Y3 E1 froth thread

This is too long, but I couldn’t figure what to cut. So here it is…


My walking stick. Best impulse purchase ever. Without it I don’t think I would have managed to do half of what I did. It both a) slowed me down and reminded me I am ill and b) gave me the confidence to set off across a muddy field.

The two-walking-sticks approach on Sunday seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect enabled me to go faster and then push myself too hard. That said, without a second stick I was close to needing to be physically carried offsite on Monday, and who wants that. Lessons learned.

Very good pacing Friday, Saturday, Sunday… utter failure on Monday. I’ve not experienced a breakdown like that before, and personal thanks to the red cap who took a special eye making sure I didn’t have to move once I’d sat down on the funbus, and checked that I could get to my caravan unaided once I got off. Huge thanks to Troy who single-handedly did everything while I huddled in the car with the heating on getting my head back together and my core temperature somewhere approaching normal. I’m OK now but it was very overwhelming at the time.

Benchbox trial was a success! If it can handle that event the design is clearly a good one. Well done Troy, now we just need to spam out a couple more for E2. No problem.

Parking in a layby Thursday night. Definitely the right choice, given the difficulties we faced. This may end up being a regular thing, seriously.
Kit. Aesthetics aside, I was warm and dry. New mittens were incredible. Waterproof layers under everything meant nothing got through, regardless of how bedraggled I looked on the outside. Boots held, and leg wraps worked.

Make up, though, can get IN THE SEA. It’s a simple two-part hairnet method I have used for the last six events. And yet, could I get the damn stuff to work Sunday morning? No. Not at all. I will not miss that evil seablue that stains everything it touches either. Whatever or whomever the next character is, it will not have that.

Mud can also get in the sea. But we all know that.


Being looked after by pretty much everyone, especially Felix’s Watch. So much water and cake, thank you. I did mean to come back on Sunday and give you more cash for your Prosperity box but it never quite happened. Thank you to the Thorns for stew (?) on Sunday night too.
Ira looking Aga in the eye and saying she had his respect for the nature of her leaving Anvil. Aga still has this slight awe of all religious Highguard and getting that from Ira made her feel all Proud and slightly wobbly.

Dušan. Dušan Dušan Dušan. Firstly, I’m sorry OC I got quite so teary about the whole thing but Aga has been stewing over this for nine months and I’d just come out of a rather intense death scene elsewhere so my tears were already close to the surface. Thanks for staying a rock during that particular moment and looking after me/her.
Aga loves/hates/loves you because you cause her to really examine her own understanding of the Way and how it interacts with the politics of the Empire. By the end, she had gone from being profoundly worried about the impact you have on the world around you to being profoundly worried about your soul personally, and knowing that souls are more important than politics. It was beautiful, even if it happened mostly in my head. Thank you. I love the way all of this ended. Aga has your soul’s back, come rain come storm. (STORMS!).

Howling Pines. This event did not go your way. I’m really sad we didn’t get to interact more but thank you for all of the bits we did have together.
Getting Varushka together for camp warding, and party planning to bolster morale Saturday afternoon. Party never really happened, but fire and stories and songs did, even if they were around different fires instead of one place and it was great. Magnus! Tell the story of the Minosaurus! And all the ‘First battle’ stories were great too. TO IVARSGARD! TO VARUSHKA!

Aga has actually never, to me, felt more Varushkan. I’ve finally felt like I’ve got inside the brief properly and found myself in there… and now I’m leaving. So damn disappointed.

Gatekeepers Council. Changes. Wow. What a difference. There are still things to be ironed out, clearly, but give me ‘office hours’, give me sandtimers, give me voting, this was brilliant. How else would have I ended up in that moment of being the deciding vote for That Candidate, and all the panic that brought me? Properly character defining moment in about two seconds right there. I’m still kinda reeling from the decision I made.
David, using our Virtue titles instead of our names was a stroke of genius. It really really brought the sheer weight of responsibility crashing down on me and I am struggling not to use swear words to describe how much I loved it.

The Red Star Winds of Fortune. This event was tough, and this actually made it easier to handle. Aga often feels things deeply but deliberately pushes them to one side in order to get things done or to try to show that her lineage doesn’t impair her judgement. This time there was much less of that, which meant fewer spoons had to be spent reigning things in.
I do apologise to anyone who was attacked by any overzealous naga sssssses on Sunday night though. Sorry about that.

Watching the death of someone I didn’t know (League, but in a Highguard tent). It was really emotional and you guys had me completely with you. I hope my presence didn’t get in the way (I don’t think it did but I apologise if that was the case). I actually couldn’t get out to give you space to grieve privately (as would be the Varushkan way) but this worked out much better personally as the high I got out of feeling all that I did went on to shape how I reacted to what happened in my game later.

Levitia. You powerhouse of awesome, you. You got what you deserved and the more you protested that other people would be more worthy the more pleased I was to tell you that you were incorrect. In fact, that lovely moment with Levitia and Lady Josephine who needed each others’ Virtues so badly probably said pretty much everything. AGNIESZKA SAYS DO IT.

My goodbye gift from Raelyn. I’m still wearing it now. Come visit. Luka can meet a friend-cousin.

My goodbye moment with Kai, knowing him well enough that it was acceptable to hug this particular Urizenni tightly and it wouldn’t upset them so I could let it all out.

THAT UNICORN with Kai and Levitia. Watching Levitia squirm and being surprised at how much Kai didn’t. grin

Asher. Mark, you are a legend and I’m sorry I kept on checking in with you when you are clearly an adult and can make your own decisions.
IC, you made so much game for me but I am SO SAD I’m not there to suffer the full consequences of Aga’s actions. Going deliberately against Asher’s explicit opinions was a choice where she needed to screw up every ounce of Courage she has, partly because of the fear of the conversations that would follow but we can never now have.
Also having to control her shock at choices he made was also a new emotion for her. The pedestal she had put him on in her head dropped in height somewhat. :wink: I’m sad we didn’t get to explore that a little more and I didn’t take it further at the time. Ah well, what is done is done. Thanks for everything.

New Courage gatekeeper. Thank you for being someone Aga wanted to hate but actually didn’t. Different ways of doing things does not equal bad. I’m sorry we didn’t spend more time together but that was the nature of this event. Good luck.
OC, it was nice to help push you out of the mud. I’m glad we had a positive interaction outside of the game when Aga had been so curt and short with you – that was all IC.

Marches. Your musters are awesome and I love your Senator for Upwold. I’ve never done any Senate stuff before and I seem to have found an ally… that I am now deserting. Sorry about that.

Being invited to Wise Ones council. Admittedly yes, it was because the weather was bonkers but this was the first time Aga said to herself ‘Yes. I should be on that Council now’. See above comment about finally finding my Varushkan headspace. Sorry about bailing but it was the right OC decision.
If anyone is wondering, I’m intending on playing Agnieszka this downtime as I have a couple of letters I need to write to tie up loose ends that weren’t possible because of the weather. Feel free to write, especially if you didn’t manage to get to the event or we didn’t manage to have an important conversation.

You know what, there’s probably even more than this but this is already far too long. Thank you to everyone who has interacted with and put up with Agnieszka over the last six events. She’s been a blast and you are all awesome. <3