Yeofolk Images Request

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We’re looking to have a few more examples of Yeofolk in the Look and Feel section of the Wiki. As a non Dawnish player, I sometimes have trouble finding the difference between a well dressed Yeomen and a Noble, so I figured I should turn to the nation for help. If you’re aware of any particularly good kit then make us aware here.
Please can people the link along with details of photographer, permission to use, and names of subjects.

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I have a suggestion but will need to contact the subject first. :slight_smile:

From my own set that I know are Yeomen: - From a Grand Reopening - Yeoman - Yeoman + leather armour (may work better as an example there) - Yeomen at Pledge Ball -more yeoman kit, bright colours and simple

hope that works
If it works, it’s a photo of Nineve working on her embroidery in Anvil Hospital, waiting for people to return from battle. Taken by Oliver Facey.
(On my phone, laptop out of reach so this was easier than linking, hope it’s ok!)


A more well dressed Yeoman, in his role as an Advocate. As he works directly with Senators, Eadric dresses well, but without the extravagant trim or accessories that a Noble would wear.

Also one in armour, showing the Dawnish sun as befits a Knight-Errant (Picture by Gordon McDonald)


Happy for any of me to be used.

The classical yeoman, Bron.
In soft kit by Tom Garnett

And dressed for battle by Beth Dooner


One of Elayne and Bleys. I think the photographer is Adam Heritage?

Yeoperson looking serious. Photo is by Beth Dooner,

Character is Pridwyn, played by Tom Muxworthy

I like this kit because it’s got the dawnish bright colours and sillhouette. The dress is slightly fancy fabric, but almost faded in looks, but the hood and belt are plainer, wool and cotton, with decoration through hand embroidery, as is the shirt.

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