Yet another newbie!


By weird co-incidence I’ve spoken with 2 unrelated people about the last Empire event in the last few weeks, and I’ve decided I want to come and have some of the fun too! Since I’m thinking that Dawn is the nation for me, how does one go about getting involved with a group so that I’ll have some IC compatriots when I get to attend at event? (Looking to be 2015 now as this year is hectic with less fun stuff and time to assemble gear before Sept is impossible)

thanks in advance!

PS I used to LRP in my uni days but haven’t since then (the world is now round and in colour but wasn’t then).

Any indication of the kind of character you intend to play will be most helpful. For example if you’re going to play mage, priest, or have a lineage then you might as well not bother with my house. The dawnish facebook group will probably also be a better bet.

Thanks Seren,

I’ll take a look at the FB page.

I was hoping to play a yeoman this time, probably a retainer as I’m trying to avoid full on combat character until I’m more familiar with things.

Facebook link!

joined, thanks :slight_smile:

Resurrecting this old post, as I’m now paid up for the September event! :smiley:

Real life intervened, and I lost a huge chunk of the earlier part of this year having to move into the house I was renovating months early, and had to work like crazy to make it liveable,

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you all in a few weeks!

Awesome \o/.

Welcome to the gang and I hope you found the group you were looking for.

thanks guys - and yes I did :slight_smile: