Your favourite things to do in Anvil?

So what do you do for a good time in Anvil? If you were taking someone who was new to the center of the Empire out for an evening where would you take them and what sights would you want to see?


Definitely stop off for a drink in the Peacock’s Tail cocktail bar in The League. I’m not sure I’d spend a whole evening there, because my liver might not survive, but it’s a good start to a night.


One of my favourite places in Anvil as a previous character was the Mandowla’s Arms over in the Marches, everything you could want in a Marcher Pub :slight_smile:.


I mean, obviously for a good time I got to Conclave … doesn’t everyone?!

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Well you don’t need to convince me that Conclave can be super fun times, but why would you recommend Conclave? :slight_smile:

I’d recommend going to the hall of worlds just before conclave starts. Doing this will allow you to see the place and talk to a few mages. By leaving before the session starts, you avoid having to sit through a potentially boring meeting with a lot of IC information that a new player might not understand. I would also see if they could participate in or watch a simple ritual. As there can be some good RP there.

Maybe in the evening I would take them to the navarr singing and story time for a little while and then back to their nation to see if there is anyone we can sit down and drink and or eat with.

I’d try and get them to meet people who are prominent in what ever area the new player is interested in and I might also see if I can get them into the orc camp to get a better idea of how immersed people can get however I know not all of the orc players like people turning up to gawk at them and IC, I’d need a reason.

If their character wasn’t going into battle, I’d see if they would want to go monstering with me one of the days. It would be good for them to experience a battle as it is the highlight for many people.

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Other than the massive spiders and screaming unarmed mages?

I firmly recommend acquiring a large bottle of <culturally appropriate drink>, and a seat by a fire in <home nation camp> and use it to try and forget that you’re in this awful place surrounded by 9 1/2 nations worth of raving incompetents again.*

But then, I may play a slightly racist grumpy old man.

*modify slightly if you’re from Casinea/Anvil. Something about “'til the emmets go home and you get some peace again”

Urizen “cultural learning field expedition” AKA Sentinel pub crawl. Last year’s route began at the Temeschbar in the League, then Uncle Regretzio’s drinks cabinet of regret, then on to the Mandowla’s Arms in the Marches, on to the Nabarr and Song & Story Time, late ones in The Hammer then back to Phoenix Reach for a sing-song and wine! Have to have a new start place now the Temeschbar has gone (The Sovereign’s Arms in Varushka maybe :wink:), and a new late drinks stop now The Hammer has shut down.

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I would:

  1. Check if any festivals etc are going on. The Wassail, the Procession for the Dead, that crazy Varushkan thing with the giant puppets, they’re worth a look.
  2. Ditto for Senate. That’s worth seeing. For about 2 minutes.
  3. Go visit Dawn for a drink (it’s colourful), see if you can get a duel in the Glory Square.
  4. Then on for a drink and a wander in every nation, probably 2 in the Brass Coast (also colourful, with good seating).
  5. And finish the evening in the Navarri story circle, watching the fire and listening to songs and stories as the stars wheel above you…

When did the hammer shut down?

Chris said they’re not doing it this year on the Urizen FB page, it was getting a bit much for Gary.

thats a shame, but very understandable!

A quick sweep of notable sights; Forge, Senate, Conclave, and then wander until I find a friendly fire and have a bit of a cross-nation experience. And then, honestly, back to my home fire for singing, because there’s no other place I’d rather be. :slight_smile:


Big rituals in the Regio at dusk or really late.