YouTube resources for prospective new players

Hey (prospective) Imperial Citizens

YouTube is definitely a part of modern society and a great way of teaching yourself how to do new things or experiencing something different vicariously through someone else.

As I didn’t see a media list anywhere on the official sites I have knocked up one of my own that new people might want to dip into.

You can read all the event information you need on the website but having an actual person be enthusiastic and passionate about something may give you the confidence to sign up. Particularly if you are a shy person, going solo or have never roleplayed before.

You can just search Empire LARP on YouTube and that will bring up a whole list. Just remember “Epic Empires” is a German event (their 3rd largest) so don’t get confused as Empire doesn’t have in-character tree houses (as far as I know).

Starting with the shortest we have a five minute introduction. It is animated in the style of those League of Legends commercials that were popular a while back.

Holly the Small

Such a shame there weren’t any more but this is full of so many helpful tips to make your experience so much better.

Next up if you have 15 minutes and want to get hyped up about it and reassured that it is friendly click here.


Speaking of friendly here is a tale of how someone was bullied because of their costume and what the Empire community did about that. It is good to know people have your back.

Tea Dracula

This fellow makes slideshows from the official photographers’ pictures. They are short, thematic and have great music. As well as no adverts. Legend!


If you have time for something longer Rick is an older gentleman with no experience of LARPing, or probably roleplay, who just turned up and threw himself into something entirely new. This is great if you are thinking you are too old or not nerdy enough to give Empire a try. It’s great seeing him go from knowing nothing and no one to being a confident and involved player. Sadly no playlist but there are about 4 or 5 videos to watch.

Rickvanman - Variety Channel

Possibly the most well-known videos follow three gentlemen from a boardgame/ RPG background who discover LARPing, get their minds blown, and enjoy amazing experiences in a hobby that becomes a big part of their lives.

It is professionally shot and edited and includes candid discussion. It’s videos like these that do so much to advance the hobby and bring in new players.

Sherlock Hulmes

If you are interested here is a whole channel by some orc players that covers a broad range of topics about Empire (not just orcs) including interviews with Empire players. Videos of various lengths.

The Orcs Planet

Another mixed bag with explanations, advice and interviews, plus rare Go Pro footage of battles is YouLARP.

Not all their stuff is organised into playlists but start with this video of players talking about their characters then pick any other.

There are several more like The Ryan Show and The Neon Magpie…

…that I haven’t has time to watch yet so let me know what you think of them and of course post any more helpful videos you find here.

Unlike many of the LARPs that you see on YouTube Empire has a strict no filming policy with only in-house professional photographers snapping during game hours. This explains why you won’t see more traditional in-game footage or documentaries.

If you want to try LARP but aren’t in the UK there are plenty of LARPs in different countries and international YouTubers who can tell you about more local events. Happy to point you their way.


By far the best thing to do is listen to all 40 plus larp noobs podcasts. Out of all the media this is the one that takes you on a journey from Noob to larper, its in depth, silly, informative, often wrong ( well the first few maybe) which is a great way of realizing nobody really know exactly what happens at an event…these really help. Honest.

Not biased…i may be one of their patreons…


As the forum title says I was publicising YouTube content. I was going to start a different thread for other media to help people that would find other types of content easier to consume.

I love the Noobs of Larp, see my dedicated post about them, but they only put their first 14 episodes on YouTube and I find it more convenient to listen to them as a podcast than watch them.

I disagree that the Empire podcast is suitable for people who have never attended Empire and don’t know what LARP is. If you are an Empire player and want to find about why certain game design aspects work like they do or you are a larp design scholar or designing your own larp then these are fantastic. Other than the dedicated New Player team episode (which I do recommend) I would save the official Empire podcast till after you have attended your first event. Just my opinion though.


Hiya all,

Ian/Talis here fromt he Larp Noobs. Really nice idea to post this up and highlight all the media sources available to people. Thank you so much to everyone who has posted to mention us - thats super kind of you all! We are the luckiest.

There are so many awesome content creators out there and its growing all the time so do keep your eyes pealed. I know that me and Dave always really enjoy finding new channels with other perspectives and insights :slight_smile:

Love you all always!