£10 Anvil comfort challenge

Recommend us one bit of kit or thing that’s £10 or under that’s helped make your life in Anvil more comfortable. Anything you like as long as it’s under a tenner :slight_smile:.

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Any and all of IKEA’s blankets and throws can really make a difference, many of which are under £10 in price.

Snuggle up inside your sleeping-bag with a Vitmossa when the weather turns, throw an Ingrun over your waterproof box to make a seat, pull a Polarvide around your shoulders as a warm cloak when the day’s 30-degree heat becomes a 19-degree evening faster than you expected…

Blankets, cheap IKEA blankets…


Slightly cheating on my own question :slight_smile: but paying an extra £5 to turn up on Thursday so I can sleep in a bit on Friday before finishing setting up the camp has consistently been an excellent investment :+1:.


Consumables, but we’re talking much less than a tenner a year here:
Chemical hand warmers in my socks at night- and they’re still warm the next day so can go in my pockets (or gloves, if it’s really cold).



I spent one event in a tent 10 meters away from The Forge. After that earplugs were a game changer.


Your own tankard. Mine came form a charity shop so was about £3, but even on the field you can get them from traders for a £5.

Now you can drink whatever you please out of it without having to deal with a can looking out of place, fill it up at every water tap (to counteract the other sort of drinking) accept offers from your mates to sample their bottles, and all without sharing the larper lurgy that comes with large gatherings of people even pre-covid.

Getting hold of a popper belt loop often known as a tankard strap (probably about £3) also means you can take it everywhere while still having your hands free too.

Of course if you’re really special you get one like mine which is a double walled aluminium one, which means I can put tea in mine without burning my fingers or it going cold in 2 mins, and there is nothing better than a whole pint of tea for comfort!!

NB putting your player ID on the bottom of it in nail varnish is big and clever, as is tying your house colours to the handle, then when you put it down it should get back to you too.


I bought a pair of British Army gor tex boot liners for under a tenner in an army surplus store and they have saved me the horror of wet socks more times than I can count.

Ten pounds also bought me a fleece sleeping-bag liner, which has made some cold nights much more bearable.

Lastly, thermal base layers (mine were £9.99 in Aldi) make night times much more pleasant role-play experiences.


For a tenth of this budget, my doormat from poundland was an excellent investment!

In a tiny tent like mine, a dedicated place for your boots is a lifesaver to keep the mud off all your bedding and kit.


I found that having one of the 35 litre Really Useful Boxes (which Wickes sell for £10) was really useful - when going to the event it’s full of blankets, and once those are unpacked I can put a small cushion on it and it’s a seat and a storage box to go in the porch of my tent.


These £8 teddy fleece blankets from Dunelm.

They vacuum pack really well so take up no space and if you wrap yourself in one before getting into your sleeping back you’ll be SUPER toasty

Additionally I’m not above chopping them up and lining soft kit with them!

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My hot water bottle was a great source of comfort at E4 last year. It was roasting hot during the day and freezing at night. Filled it up and threw it in my sleeping bag about an hour before I went to bed. By the time I was read to turn in for the night my bed was nice and toasty.

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I’d second several of the above,. and add “a nice big lantern” so RP that involves trading doesnt have to stop at sundown

Mine was a whole £12 cos I missed the camping shop sale by two days…

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A tankard strap is great, and actually multi-purpose. I also used one to hitch my long skirts up if I needed to go through the mud or in the woods.

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Heat Holders socks. A pair for each day is well over £10 so it might not count, but one pair is under £10. Most comfortable warm socks I’ve ever found.

On a similar note, never found anything better than Primark fleece lined leggings to keep my legs warm, and they’re also pretty cheap.

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A few things that have helped with comfort, or at least with reduced work/effort/faff:

  • A rag rug to use as a doormat just inside the (IC) tent, to reduce the amount of mud and wet that gets spread around on the groundsheet (and on the nice rugs).
  • A suitably heavy mallet/hammer for tent-pegs.
  • A head-torch for OOC: it’s so helpful to have hands free to work (e.g. if pitching a tent after dark, or washing hands, or changing clothes, or almost anything).
  • A set of three plastic bottles/jugs for having water in the tent: each is 2.5 litres and is cream-coloured, in the style of a traditional cider jug.
  • For sleeping: a soft warm hat that I can pull down over my eyes so that I don’t get woken by dawn-light.
  • An IC fan for hot weather.
  • A box of tissues (or similar) and a squeezy bottle of alcohol skin-sanitiser gel (even before COVID-19). The gel leaves a gummy residue, so I like to rub it on and then use a tissue to wipe it off; this has the additional benefit of cleaning off dirt rather than just disinfecting it.
  • Not for comfort directly, but a kind of insurance policy, since wet clothes and bedding are uncomfortable: several thin light dry-bags from ebay, as recommended in the larphacks.tumblr.com list of five favourite OC camping buys and “How to Survive the Mud”.

Not bought yet, but might cost under a tenner:

  • I want a boot-scraper to go just outside the tent.
  • A camp bed: I’ve managed fine for years without (including camping on snow when mountaineering), but I know some people like them. That larphacks list includes them. Perhaps I’ll get one some day. Just now this one is £10 or £15 for two: Eurohike Utah 4 Leg Campbed | GO Outdoors and I was comfortable the one night I tried something similar but wider. (I don’t like airbeds, on the other hand.)
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