3 Things you’d tell a new player in The Navarr

Stolen from some other boards, hopefully self explanatory!
Try to avoid anything from the “5 things about the Navarr” bit on the Wiki.


Respect the Stridings - they sacrifice their homes to walk the trods
Respect the Steadings - they keep us safe and grant us protection
Duty, Oaths and Sacrifice come before Money and Power
We are not Barbarians. We sacrifice our comforts for the good of the Empire, but we don’t forget them
Don’t drink the Chilli Vodka

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Put simply

  1. archers, on an ooc you don’t have to full draw your bow every time. Judge the distance and account for it by lessening how much pull you use when engaging closer targets. You rarely use full draw. IC: Aim small you miss small. Aim for the torso you got more hope.
  2. Keep your wits about you and communicate with your fellow navarr.
  3. We are one nation, we stand alone together as navarr. We are forward of the lines and skirmishing a lot. Watch out for each other and keep each other alive.
  1. It’s not just about the fighting with weapons- the Vallorn can be fought with magic, research and words as well (but the corollary to that is that if you really like fighting with weapons, the Navarr nation can provide a hell of a lot of opportunities for that, and a ready-baked enemy.)

  2. You can have pretty things if you want them. Don’t be fooled into thinking your kit needs to be rough and barbarian looking if you don’t want it to- even if your character spends most of their time in the wilderness they are allowed to decorate their clothes, armour and equipment! And even Aragorn wears jewellery :wink:

  3. Think about your tattoos- they represent the things that are most important to your character. Have a story ready for each one, even if it’s just a sentence. Use other people’s as conversational ice breakers. Our backstories are literally written on our faces, and we are a nation of storytellers.
    3a) Think about your tattoos on an OC level as well, make sure you can consistently physrep them, and try not to put them where they’ll rub off in a couple of hours…

  1. Get involved - Your game will come to life once you start interacting and making friends in the nation.

  2. Give your Steading/Striding some thought - Your culture gives you opportunities to talk and share with others, and to be recognized.

  3. ‘Us and Them’ can be an attractive way to role-play - Don’t let it become OOC as well as IC or you’ll miss out on some great cross-cultural encounters and friendships.

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  1. We do what is needful, no matter the cost to ourselves

  2. All our wars are savage joy and our best songs are sad. Or Dirty.

  3. Listen to Redhound

3B) more seriously, We are one people, regardless of steading or striding. There is no nation like us. If you are Navarr, you are family.

1 I am here for IC shits and giggles
2 You can always ask.
3 Listen kid, we’re all in it together.

Navarr is an excellent nation to start off in. You have a built-in excuse to go everywhere, talk to everyone, and always stick your nose in other people’s business. Use it. Ask questions of strangers at every possible opportunity. People will not be annoyed if you talk to them. At worst, they might be too busy to chat at the moment, but most of the time they will be delighted, tell you about their group and what they are up to, and often give you cake so you will stay and talk to them for longer.

Be Prepared. Always have a belt full of useful things. My most frequently used were string, trail mix to share, a tiny OC pen-knife, and a notebook & pencil for writing messages down.

Share. Shelter, food, resources, plot, ideas. Your character is used to very little personal space and privacy. Even if they spend lots of time walking the trods alone, then around people they don’t have a chance to hide much. Hoarding makes you unpopular when everyone can see what you are keeping to yourself, and is daft when you have to carry around what you own. Larp is more fun the more people you involve in whatever you are up to.

My general advice to new larpers is that you will get bombarded with advice, much of it mutually contradictory, some of it just wrong. Pay attention to the actual rules as written down on the wiki, and anything that you find helps you have fun. People have lots of Opinions on the One True Way to larp, and will often loudly present their opinions as fact. As long as you are being safe, not a dickhead, and following the rules as written, you are doing well. Beyond that, if advice helps you have fun, follow it, but if it doesn’t, stop worrying about it.