3 things you’d tell a new player in Wintermark

Shamelessly stealing this from other threads.

What are the three things you would tell the new players thinking of joining Wintermark?

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Heroism means being successful, it doesn’t have to be hard or dangerous.

Respect the Grimnir oath above and beyond someone who happens to be a healer.

Pride, Courage and Wisdom are more deeply ingrained in the culture than the other virtues. Even if you favour a different one think about how they impact your character.

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Steinr are warriors and perfectionists, they are bold.
Suaq are pragmatic and cunning, they are shrewd.
Kallavesi are interpreters and spiritual, they are wise.


Look for Ways to Earn your Scars - Pick a fight, and take pride in losing. Pledge to discover something impossible. Declare someone powerful your enemy. Take risks and cherish the consequences.

Know What Your Name Is - If you have a scop name, know the story behind it. If you don’t, feel its absence like an empty room. Pay attention to the names of others and know you can always start a conversation by asking for their story.

Show Hospitality, Take Pride in Your Hearth - Look out for your hall-mates, make your group space inviting for kin and strangers alike. Test the hospitality of your neighbours and invite them to test yours.