3 Things you'd tell a new player about Dawn

And saving the best till last :slight_smile:, what are the 3 things you would tell someone new to playing in Dawn? Anything from advice on how to get the Dawnish headspace, practical tips on costume and armour to your favourite parts of the Dawnish brief.


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A yeoman is not a serf/slave - you are at Anvil as one of the house’s loyal retainers, don’t get bullied into doing things that adversely affect enjoying your game.

Glory, it’s all about the glory, if only 2 Dawnish would agree on what’s glorious! :wink:

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Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s less glorious than succeeding, but not even trying is even less glorious.

  1. Dawn is Glory. Pick a thing you want to achieve that will take effort and be dramatic - anything from ‘become Earl’ to ‘save someone’s life heroically’ to ‘fall in love and run away with someone else’s spouse’ to ‘overturn the Empire and replace it with I dunno the best funfair the world has ever seen’ to ‘go and pick carnivorous flowers as a sign of your devotion’. But go in with an idea of a Thing you Want.

  2. Dawn is family. Find a House that suits you or bring one along; join a Knightly Order or persuade others to come along with you. Friends are big and clever. They will also help you with 1) above.

  3. Don’t be afraid of screwing up. Do the thing. Faceplant sometimes. Try, try again. The Virtues lead to Glory; and Glory lasts forever.

(Extra 4) go join the “Empire LRP: Dawn” Facebook and talk to people OOC. They are super helpful and very rarely bite faces off. :slight_smile: )


There are yeomen, nobles, and yoemen trying to be nobles. If you are playing a yoemen you are one of the greatest yoemen in Dawn. I think of them as sensible, functional, strategic, cunning, and very good at whatever it is they do, just perhaps a bit quieter than the nobles.

If you are a noble, think big. Modesty isn’t a virtue in the Empire, and Dawnish nobles know it, they revel in attention and competition. Show off - with your actions, your voice, and your clothes. A good excuse to push yourself and put yourself out there.

Being a Knight-Errant you are trying to earn your place amongst the nobles. This is a great option for starting the game running, and one of the easier ways to get plot. Getting yourself a test from a noble should lead to many opportunities for plot and a great excuse to interact with people. OC a good Earl should find out what kind of thing you would enjoy for your test.

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