3 things you'd tell a New Player in the Brass Coast

I heard there was a bandwagon.

What would you tell a new and shiny Freeborn player? Any IC/OC hints or tips?

From me:-
Family is important, whether that’s your actual family or not. The banner I’m in is made up of three families (so far), and although the levels of trust and ‘responsibility’ are higher with the actual name-matchers, we still care for each other. We are, after all, all ‘cousins’ at the end of the day, right?

We can be organised, despite memes to the contrary. A notable example was a national meeting being called for the next event at a specific time, and a lot of people turned up. The person who was supposed to be heading the meeting didn’t, and someone else stepped up and did a brilliant job of it (despite pouring rum all down herself, but we can overlook that fact because it was hilarious.).

And for a more OC one, if you get a bit lost or stuck for something to do, just ask around! We don’t bite and, with being one of the smaller nations, it’s easier to spot someone who is new. I don’t think anyone would turn away someone looking for a bit of OC guidance, unless you turned up at a very inconvenient time.

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  1. There is no such thing as too much bling - one anything, whether it be your kit, books, contracts or food - ott displays of wealth are a good thing in The Brass Coast. Is that tunic too ostentatious? Not in the Brass Coast it isn’t.
  2. If someone is being an arse IC, shout it out, we are brazen, in your face, brutally honest, and always willing to call something for what it is.
  3. You can be a Merrow in the Brass Coast - while there are not many of them, they exist

Pay for everything - even if with a single ring, a hug, a story, a song, a piece of gossip, a promise to name your firstborn after them. Let nothing be given without ensuring there is no implied value owing. If you sit by someone’s fire, pay. If someone tells you a valuable piece of information, pay. If you borrow someone’s pencil, pay. This generally results in a lot of small coins going round and round within the coast, and causes fun cultural misunderstandings outside.

Get it in writing: any time payment cannot be made immediately, in full, get it down in writing. This can be a scribble in a notebook signed by two parties, or an elaborately signed calligraphied display piece. Don’t worry if you don’t like writing, shout for a scrivener and pay them to do it for you. Contracts can be simple and straightforward or can have as many breakclauses and subclauses as you desire. Play up important negotiations - hire a tent, buy snacks and drinks and enjoy the lazy comfortable discussion.

Be passionate: be loud, be enthusiastic. When you disagree, disagree publically so that everyone can have an opinion. When someone breaks a contract or fails in virtue, make it the big deal it is (with a mild OC eye to checking everyone is having fun with this). But don’t hold grudges - once debts are paid, they are paid and all is happiness and friendship.


I am impressed that I think the meeting managed to run despite my rum incident. I really enjoyed that.

  1. Contracts are big and clever. If it’s important, you should want to make it official, because that way everyone knows what they are getting into. It doesn’t have to be long, it could be verbal if you are short on time.
    1a. Don’t forget a break clause, even if it’s just token thing. Trust me on this. flail

  2. It can be exhausting being that awesome, all the time. We have tea houses and bars, you can still be awesome while sitting down. looks at self in a stern fashion

  3. Black and white is acceptable as part of your kit but be expected to be asked why [IC]. Have a cool reason why you have a black scarf or what have you.

  4. Honesty is big and clever. It doesn’t have to be cruel or hurtful, and it sometimes it can be scary to do. It takes practice, and it is an aspiration. Just keep trying. Tell Bessie the Bard you didn’t enjoy her song, but do say you can see the clear effort and what she is trying to achieve. And make helpful suggestions.


I can’t do just 3! Sorry, have 4:

Be loud and proud! The Freeborn strive to be honest and direct. We try not to lie, and to take pride in everything that we do. Recently there were two famous groups of players, both of whom cursed the Marches or leading Marchers. One group did it subtly and secretly, striking from the shadows; the Brass Coast group in contrast loudly announced that they’re cursed the Marcher Senator, and said why. When Marchers came to complain, the Freeborn said “yes, that was us”. The Marchers unleashed the Rough Music on the entire Brass Coast camp to protest, with discordant noise and chants of “SHAME”. The Freeborn joined in the music, and wove it into a song: “We cursed your cows and we have no -” “SHAME”; “We’re loud and proud and we have no -” “SHAME”. Mind you, lots of the Brass Coast didn’t agree with the cursing, and they were very forthright in telling the group who did the curse that! We don’t hide our feelings.

By default we wear bling, and colourful patterned fabrics! Be aware that white and black carry strong meanings: white fabric and not wearing bling suggests poverty, someone not rich enough to dye their clothes; black fabric is seen as a curse, the colour of death normally only worn by corpses. Both can be used in costume, but both will elicit strong reactions. A Kohan group might wear black sashes, for example, acknowledging that they might well die in battle or saying that as outcasts from a family they might as well be dead. Meanwhile someone who sees bling and expensive fabric as a form of hoarded wealth might wear white, to make a point about prosperity. Both of those are very deliberate statements though, and will get reactions.

If you’re thinking of camping IC, be aware that we can be noisy until quite late! Lots of Freeborn enjoy partying, singing songs and being loud until the early hours. This can be lots of fun, but it’s not ideal if you’re a light sleeper. Bring ear plugs, or sleep in the OOC camp, or come join in the party! People are normally happy to have people joining in the party, but when you approach a fire or a tent or a party it’s customary to ask how much it is to join in: if people want you to be there they’ll say “1 Ring” or “a tale or a song” or (if they serve food/drink) expect you to buy something. If people are having a a more private meeting, they’ll demand a higher price…

Always include a break clause! For any sort of agreement (beyond the immediate “how much for X? Brilliant, here is that price”), write a contract. Contracts can be simple or complex, it’s up to you. But there must be a break clause. Breaking a contract is a Big Deal, breaking your word goes against our proud and honest nature. But if the contract contains a break clause, it means you can remove yourself from the contract if something more important comes up or you find yourself unable to fulfil it for whatever reason. “I will vote for you, or pay you a crown” means that there is a way you can bow out of the contract, if you suddenly realise it is important you must vote the other way (or if the other person offers you more and will cover the break clause!) ALWAYS include a break clause.


“… and we have no - SHAME!”

Aaaah, I loved that culture interaction so much!

  1. Being honest is not always easy but it is always right (lifeboat scenarios not withholding).

  2. Expect to be compensated when solicited for your efforts/wealth, and to compensate others when you solicit their efforts/wealth.

  3. Contracts are serious flipping business, when writing one make sure you plan for every potential eventuality, and when signing one be sure to read the damn thing.

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I am going to avoid what is mentioned above:

  1. We are a big family, some of us are very distant cousins, and some are hated but we always say hello.

  2. Make contracts simple EG:

I Azzam will give make you, Gunther, a Biting Blade and deliver it at the winter solstice Y278, payment already recieved of 2 Cr.

Either party may break this contract at any time until the contract is fulfilled until the end of autumn Y278.If the contract is broken all materials will be returned without penalty.

If the Biting Blade can not be delivered then all the materials will be returned Y278 without penalty.

  1. This is a big OOC rule which the Brass Coast can fall foul of through there roleplay with other nations. No physical contact without permission. A quick question can make everyone happy.