A costume for a teenage marcher

Hey guys! I was wondering what sort of costume would be appropriate for a teenage marcher to wear? I’m trying to avoid wearing tight trousers if possible because I find them difficult to wear. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The important thing is not wear stuff that is a key feature of other cultures, and to wear at least a few Marcher-y things. Hose are really comfortable if you can get some, because they stretch more than modern “skinny trousers”. Simple trousers are more practical IMO than modifying modern tight ones, as I worried about mine ripping in a fight. The important bit is to avoid baggy trousers that are a League or Brass Coast sort of thing.

This fashionable lot is the King’s Stoke Militia, the group I’m in. We’ve got quite a lot of variation in kit as the only coordinated bulk buy/kitmake was the livery coats you can see on Ivan there in the middle.

There’s also robes as a good choice for Monks, Landkeepers/Cunning folk, scribes, Apothecaries etc. Look at the third guy from the left.

The Marcher costume page is really good (darkbladeuk.co.uk/POUCH—BE … /p-82-716/) or similar on your belt, a plain tunic and a hat. Hats are great and relatively cheap ways to link your outfit to a culture. Stick to simple fabrics in earthy colours or your House livery and you’ll be fine. Avoid fancy stuff or you’ll look like you’re from Dawn and the IC mockery will not end :wink:.

If you have some more details of your concept, I’m sure people will offer more specific advice.

The simplest possibility might be tight trousers that are a few sizes too big, secured with a belt and rolled up at the calves. It means the style would be right while hopefully being loose enough to be comfortable, and hand me downs are mentioned in the marchers brief.

If you are making kit a Cotehardie/robes seem a good solution, if you make it long enough it should mostly cover anything you are wearing underneath. As long as you avoid jeans or anything blatantly an inappropriate colour you could easily get away with wearing something more comfortable underneath.

Have a read through the costume section, I’d also recommend reading the Dawn section just to be clear what to avoid

Thanks again guys! That was really helpful! ^.^

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You need a poppet (little straw or leather dolly that stops bad juju getting at your soul). There’s nothing more Marchery than a poppet. If you don’t wanna make your own, we’ll probably have some at the event for a few rings.

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