A couple of questions

I’ve been thinking about kit and back ground and I had a couple of questions that I hope people can answer:

  1. Are leather thumb beakers/cups or drinking horns acceptable in Wintermark or would tankards or maybe horn cups be more suitable?

  2. I’m thinking of having part of my background be that when my character was young he was in the military but left after injury (this would be under Emperor Hugh). It’s more of a background thing and unlikely to come up but is that sort of thing frowned upon in the Mark, no longer being a warrior and going off do something else?

In terms of drinking, tankards fit in anywhere. I’ve seen drinking horns around too. I don’t recognise a thumb beaker but as long as it’s not a modern thing it’ll probably be fine.

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There used to be a bit of “when you can’t fight go into the blizzard” stuff in the Wintermark brief but this was written out when people pointed out it was a bit ableist. So no not being a warrior isn’t frowned upon and there are lots of ways to be heroic.

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I think point one is covered. Use whatever you want as long as it’s not a normal pint glass or mug.

Point two is perfectly valid, you can be a former soldier (the empire owes land to anyone who does two years of military service) and then you can spend the rest of your life doing what you want!

Winterfolk do believe in the good death though and you should always be striving to find acts of heroism to participate in - check it out here

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Thank you all for the replies, this has helped a lot!

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