A King's Stoke Wassail

We’re running an event for Marchers and friends at Danelaw Viking Village just outside York on the 22nd-24th November 2013. Find out more and book on our website at kingsstoke.org.uk/.

Feel free to ask any questions…

So. We’ve never met IC but my Highguard character would really like to come and see how the Marchers remember their dead.

Do I need to negotiate a specific IC invitation, or is the above expressed interest enough for me to book for the event and deal with the “who are you and what are you doing here?” issues in uptime?.

That sounds like a legitimate interest to me; or if you prefer, I can identify some of Felix’s Watch who we do know IC and could certainly obtain you an invitation.

I’m considering popping along to this Dan so I can ask if I can bring a few people along :slight_smile:

I would love to come along, sadly free time & money are at a premium

Will, I’m going now, happy to give you a lift up if that would make any difference?

edited : this may have been sorted