A minor annoyance

I’ve noticed that all the profile pictures that are provided by the website, and not added by the user, have disappeared and have been replaced by a white cross in a black box in a white box. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if it is just me. It is a bit jarring and I would like to sort it but I don’t mind living with it. If it isn’t just me then is there something wrong with the website? Any answers would be appreciated, thank you for time.

I am not suffering from the same thing, interesting. Thank you!

lights the @Aquarion signal

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testing… confirmed. Coloured initial missing…


Thanks for flagging this up. I’ll get our top people (@Aquarion) on it :slight_smile:.

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Huh. Looking into this, thanks for the report


Thank you for all your replies. Sounds like Aquarion will be having to perform a day ritual on the website to see if it is my problem or the forums.

I must admit I’m not completely sure what you are saying @Geoffrey_Willoughby, I’m assuming you mean that you have seen the problem.

Oh, something has changed, All the pictures have popped back.

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And we’re back. Thanks all.


Thank you so much.