A more exciting destination [Downtime story]


Demetrio i Taziel i Riqueza observed his ship, Espada Púrpura, whose cargo was being placed in the hold. She had been a reliable friend, an strong ally for him and his crew for years, all since Demetrio left Feroz in search of prosperity, freedom and to find his own courage.

Certainly, that last was the main reason. But that’s another story to be told near a firepit, with some drinks, friends and relatives.

At that point of the day, having finished the Anvil gathering, Demetrio would address his crew and reassign the positions if required. Normally that involved an auction for each disputed post if there were more that one sailor willing to take it. However, the contract all sailors signed before joining Demetrio’s fleet established that winning an auction would grant only a temporary position until it was proven that the sailor was up to the task.

After all, good leadership and fast reaction were key for the survival of the whole ship.

However, that was a different day. The young captain walked away from his beloved Espada Púrpura to another dock, placed just one hundred meters away. In there, a newly built ship was waiting for her soul. For her crew.

The new ship, Liberación, was designed to cover the Espada Púrpura’s flaws. While Espada Púrpura was a ship based on speed and offense -proven by her steel bow ram-, the Liberación would be able to withstand more punishment and handle more cargo. She also had more living quarters, making her capable of carrying more sailors to battle, or having more space to rescue slaves or carry valuables during trade routes.

That made her the perfect addition to the fleet at that moment. There would be many, many stranded people in Zemress. But first, Demetrio still had to address a very important subject. He walked towards the tents and fireplaces were most of his crew were waiting, noticing how many eyes started staring at him. He raised his arms and, while turning, around, announced: “My friends, today we are adding the Liberación to my fleet! The most important subject now is that she needs a captain!”

He turned around and saw an empty basket nearby; after asking its owner he paid him one crown and took it. “So prepare your purses, gather your resources and bid for the position! The minimum bid is one throne! But remember the terms of the contract you all agreed with this fleet, because it will be applied as well for this position! May the virtues guide you through the seas.”

Demetrio finally sat near a fire place and ate something, chatting with some members of his crew. Few minutes later, the first purses were placed inside the basket.

And better do it fast. Demetrio’s fleet would depart before noon. Those people in Zemress did not have much time left…