A useful bag to put things in

Bag carrying people of the Empire, what do you carry in your bags at Anvil? I’m trying to source one for my character but don’t know how big it should be.

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I carry an A5 notebook, too many various leaflets and booklets (mostly A5 as well), a pencil, a bag of small IC coins, a bag of large IC coins, various resources (if and when I have them), a stack of mana, a wooden money calculation table, a star map for doing magic, and then my phone and OC money in an inner zipped pocket.

I’m thinking I might need to replace my bag at some point, as although the size is okay, I tend to overstuff it. It really depends on what you think you’re likely to carry around with you though!

Lots of different people have lots of different needs.

I have a satchel which I will often fill with medical gear for the battlefield. It’s got bandages and blood and phys-reps and my tool-roll and cards, there’s a hidden zip-up bit for my OoC stuff like phone and car-keys. I don’t travel light when there might be patients to treat. Off the battlefield, I have a wooden box with a handle which holds almost my whole kit because I know I can dash back to my tent for my apron and extras.

On the other hand, that is big and bulky; a lot of players seem to carry no bag and can rely on a few belt-pouches. My wife has a simple small bag with a book, a pen and a few resource-cards in it. My daughter has a minuscule bag with her coins and resource cards in it.

Your role will decide how much stuff you need.


A ton of stuff! I camp OOC, so try and take most of my stuff onto the field to minimise treks back and forth. I use a messenger satchel, but am trying to downsize!

A small locked box just big enough for a stash of mana crystal cards.
A folding hand mirror
A needle and thread in a felt roll
A few meters of leather thonging
A pair of folding scissors
A pen and A5 notebook
The new player’s guide (small A5 booklet)
Some mana crystal physreps
Some small potion bottles
A coin purse
A folding stool
Whatever resources I’ve acquired
A recorder or two (sometimes)
A whole lot of bats :bat:

Hand gel
Mobile phone*
Character pack
A 500ml water bottle in a sock (this is sometimes on my belt)
A black eyeshadow stick

* I don’t travel by car, so keep my valuables on me.

I have several. My character has a handbag, with notebook, and songbook in it, plus a neck purse for money and some potions and mana cards, plus a larger bag for healing kit and hospital work, plus a bigger bag for my sewing stuff, and a basket for snacks and drinks for meetings. Also a couple of pouches on my belt for OOC stuff and pockets in my costume.
Which bits get taken where depends on what I am doing at the time, and it’s taken several events to get the best mix and set up!

Handbag and neck purse came from Primark I think, belt pouches from onsite traders, sewing bag was a repurposed christmas gift, basket from a charity shop, healers bag was a bespoke commission from the Goblin workshop leathercrafter, as it has potion bottle holders and pockets for the cards.

I make my own costume and turn the offcuts from that into drawstring pouches which sell well to anyone who wants to sort their stuff out too, especially traders looking to separate commission materials from general stocks, cash for different projects or even as gift bags!

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I’ve often wondered when I see people with loads of bags, how do you find it when going to the loo? I have enough trouble with just the one, having to try to either sling it off or tuck it in my arms or something, and that’s without even thinking about hat/staff/etc…

As a man, it’s a problem I deal with less than others, but I scout for the doors with a hook. I just remove my belt with all of its pouches and danglies, re-secure the buckle and hang the whole thing from the back of the door along with my bag.

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I have a large rigid leather belt pouch, containing:
A5 notebook and pencil
Small pouch of mana crystals (phys-reps)
Small pouch IC money
Larger pouch IC magical materials
Small pouch potion phys-reps and cards

Pockets contain OOC money (in another pouch) and handkerchief. And spare toilet roll.

When I did carry a bag as a physick, it was a small khaki canvas job, about 20cm wide by 20cm tall by 10cm thick, containing my herb phys-reps, a roll of surgical tools, about a dozen bandages, and a small bottle of fake blood.

With the right length tunic, you can roll it up and kind of bundle everything up in it as you attend to ahem business XD


Ive usually got a shoulderbag with some variant on the following:

Ritual notes
General notes
Some flyers/booklets
Several pens and pencils
Petty cash bag
Serious cash bag
OOC cash bag
Several mana bags
Assorted potions
meditative puzzle
card deck
water bottle
backup fake blood
short rope
small knife
Secret toilet crew tools
My red cap

Though a lot of that comes and goes depending on how heavy the bag is getting :smiley:

I plan toilet trips for when I am carrying the least, can find one with a hook, or go with a mate who can hold stuff.

Cloaks are enough of a problem let alone all the bags and on occasion a mage staff also.

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The sword shuffle in the mens at the urinals is like synchronised ballet sometimes. :wink:


I made a nice big shoulder bag some years ago, and found everything slid into the bottom and I could never find anything I needed. These days I’m into belt pouches for stuff I want on me all the time; it keeps them separate and easier to find, plus distributes the weight to my hips which I find more comfy than carrying everything on my shoulders.

I tend to have a pouch for vital OC stuff, a pouch for vital IC stuff, a tankard for water, and then have a satchel for when I think I might need additional paperwork/stuff, but that’s mostly left in my basket in the IC tent.

In general, I try not to carry too much. It’s tiring walking around all day and doing it while carrying lots of stuff is harder.


If I’m going trading or need to carry documents I use this big Darkblade bag but that’s if I’ve got a lot of bags of artisan materials to cart about.

Otherwise I have two belt pouches to carry:

  • Moleskin Notebook + pen
  • Spare notebooks
  • Multiple spare pens
  • Handy dandy seal kit (Sealing wax, seal ring, scalpel, extra blades, thread, small scissors, lighter) (as you never know when you’ll need to write a sealed letter or do a pendent seal on a document)
  • Mobile Phone, Keys, OOC cash
  • Bag of IC cash.
  • Bourse Certificates
  • Small bag of Mana
  • Healing potions of various kinds
  • Liao
  • Other sundry potions

This is my most recently purchased pouch :slight_smile:


Ooooh yes pouches are good too, though mine tend to be full of stuff ill need urgently, potions, mana, fake blood, snacks and the like. :slight_smile:

I got one of the Burgschneider cotton canvas bags; inside is another bag that is obviously OOC, for my OOC stuff (ie touch-up makeup for the character, meds, etc). Besides that inner bag, I have songbooks, sometimes a bag of snacks, or a scarf or a smaller musical instrument, such as claves or finger cymbals.

As LauraH mentioned, a bag gets heavy. I prefer hip pouches, which is where my notebook, pencil, meal card, and resources/lammies reside. I also carry a wooden cup on my belt. I have a water bottle on a strap to ride alongside my bandolier for my wand (or whatever weapon I fancy carrying that day).


I usually have a belt pouch for purses (IC and OC) and handkerchief. For most other things I use a nice lidded wicker basket with a handle, which at any given time may contain some or all of:

Water bottle
Box of playing cards
Random flower crowns
Advertising fliers
Potion bottles
Spare hairpins/bobby pins
Bag of sweets
Fake blood
IC cutlery
Knitting + workbag
Lucet + workbag
Crochet + workbag