About In Character Theft

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Clare from PD Player Support here. I’ve been slack the last week or so but I’m back on form now.

Today I’d like to post a link to the Wiki and have a refresher on the rules for In Character Theft. Below are the bullet points from the wiki and some comments, then the wiki link.

  • You may steal any obviously IC item such as money, a map, IC scroll or document
  • You cannot break open a strong box or smash a chain
  • You must return IC phys-reps to GOD within thirty minutes
  • You can only steal items during time-in
  • You cannot enter a tent that has been sealed - Sealed includes tied or laced shut
  • Do not go through people’s obviously OOC belongings
  • Do not mix IC items with OOC belongings - use separate pouches and don’t mix stuff in bags in your tent. If as a thief you find you’ve inadvertently stolen an OOC item return it to GOD as soon as possible



Also, if you steal a ribbon, you need to steal the item it’s attached to as well. Someone kept stealing ribbons off heavy (i.e. hard to steal) items in Highguard a few events back.

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If someone can steal an entire suit of Shattered Tower plate then fair play, they deserve that ribbon.


Exactly. However, taking just the ribbon and then claiming you stole the entire suit (for example) is not cool.


is it still possible to IC burn a tent down with a ref present?

Everything else that is wrong with doing this aside: to what end? You’ve destroyed a tent, not the things inside.

Also given last event’s emergency: no chance.

Yes, you can IC fire a tent to force people out of it - OC, nothing gets set on fire and you need a ref - see here: https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Event_safety under General Safety.

As to why you might want to - because the rules prohibit fighting in tents/tent doorways. So in theory someone could retreat to a tent and refuse to come out.


Thanks, I couldn’t find that :slight_smile:.

In previous systems it was to stop people hiding in fortress tents to avoid being murdered. A lot less chance of that happening in Empire and I don’t believe it’s ever been used. But it could be, perhaps.