Action Potential: a Forged in the Dark tabletop RPG

Greetings Imperial Citizens! I play Yarona of the Chantry in Highguard. Like a lot of folk, I’ve been playing a lot more online tabletop RPGs during this sad time of no LARP.

I’ve always enjoyed Blades in the Dark, and I’m also a big Sci-fi and cyberpunk fan. After hinge watching Altered Carbon a few times, I decided I wanted to run a game set in that type of future world. So I made one!

After a year of play testing, it’s finally time to send it out into the world. So as part of Kickstarter’s Zine Quest 2021, I’m publishing a tabletop roleplaying game!

Using the Forged in the Dark rules system (you’ll know the system from Blades in the Dark, or Scum & Villainy).

Check it out if you like cyberpunk, Altered Carbon, Eclipse Phase etc.

Happy to answer any questions :grin:

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