Adelaarsgilde poster and E2 timetable

Adelaarsgilde invites you to frequent

The Great Debarcle

(Opposite the League theatre)


Hot and cold drinks
Sweet and savoury food
Conversation and debate
Children’s craft and dramaturgy
Night and Day rituals

Venue hire

Open Saturday 11am-6pm; Sunday 11am-2pm
Available for hire Friday and Saturday 6pm-10pm

Apprentices under 11 years old must be accompanied by an adult
Speeches communicate, arguments engage,
but conversation convinces



7pm The League Assembly
8pm Grand Masters of the Conclave
9pm Assembly of the Nine
10pm Closed for Guild Meeting
11pm Princes of the League


10am Resource Traders
11am Open. Synod Judgements discussion
11:30am The Little Debarcle
1pm Tranquil Nostrum
2pm Holberg Senatorial Hustings
3pm Synod Judgements discussion
4pm League National Block
6pm Closed (available for hire)
9pm Crafteneve


11am Open
11:30am The Little Debarcle
1pm Prosperity Market
2pm Closed