++All for Anvil++

One of the great things about Empire is the way it encourages people to make things. From time to time we like to draw attention to some of them. This time it’s a Kickstarter campaign launched last week by our own Harry Harrold.

I’ll let the man himself explain what this one is about.

“It’s both a book, and a game!” says the Kickstarter.

How can this be? Well, it’s full of serious choices, game setting references, and actual rules that seep in to your very soul without you even noticing.

We’ve played it, and when they say it’s a friendly and informative introduction to the rules and world of Empire live-roleplaying events.

All For Anvil isn’t a PD publication, but the original idea is from a young player and many of the game crew are working on the project.

You can find the details of the campaign here.

The promo video is worth a click all by itself


i love this <3

So, thing that helps me persuade friends to come costs £15. If I use it to persuade more than one friend, this could be Prosperity?