An experiment in poetry for military history

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As an exercise for a potential future Sentinel character, I have written something. It’s a summary of the Winter 380 Winds of War page, written as a kind of alliterative-verse poetry. It’s a little roughly drawn, but I think you can see the style I’m going for.

Does this seem like a reasonable thing for an Urizeni character to put together?

On Spiral’s cold coastline, Grendel armies consolidate,
Imperial regiments rebuild, spires and defences raised,
Northwards, Necropolis waits, vigilance negating action,
Imminent intrusion diverted, Redoubt suffers invasion,
Healers and harbour threatened, sentinels hurry to defend

Through wold and woodland, Jotun rages in the west
In Kahraman complete victory, in Liathaven utter calamity
Cathan Canae’s fort destroyed ; the Empire captures Damata
Three thousand Navarri slain, Thorns butchered and trapped
Marchers’ Mournwold stands ready, the moors expect attack

Barrens crusade continues; Dawnish knights conquer
Field hospital brings healers, providing welcome help
Deceptive Druj sighted, purpose not determined
Ruined Reikos awakes; Llofir completes regeneration
Fertile forests everywhere, trees felled to rebuild

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This is reminding me of the criers in Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone, and anything that reminds me of a book I’ve been aggressively recommending to anyone who looks slightly interested can only be a good thing!

Summons @Bouteillebleu