Anachronistic songs for a playlist

Hey guys,

I heard a few Bards singing the March of Cambreadth over the weekend, as it’s a really good fitting song for before a battle.

I was just wondering what other songs the Bards sing that are from the real world, so that I might find on a real-world CD. I’m trying to put together a Spotify playlist to get myself in the mood.


Very few of the Empire songs are entirely original (melodically speaking). This doesn’t make them anachronistic though. In fact quite the opposite, by default a great deal of the musical suggestions are firmly based in real-world song traditions and the works reworked to fit the setting.
The original tunes are usually linked on from the music pages, along with e.g. a youtube video of someone famous singing them. So, start trawling the music page for your nation and the Empire-wide material, and get the originals that you like into your playlist. Of course, all the recordings-specially-for-Empire won’t be on spotify so I’m assuming you just mean the originals.

Sorry, no offence meant. “Anachronistic” is perhaps strong and has meanings I didn’t intend.

I just meant that I would maybe have heard them outside Empire first.

Thanks for the info.

Oh, no offence taken! I just wanted to be clear that it’s totally cool to filk existing songs - if we had to write everything from scratch there would be like 4 allowable tunes! :slight_smile:

The widows promise is a saucy folk song that I’ve heard at empire very little filking to make it suitable, changing the devil for an eternal normally the spider king.