Animals and Virtues

So, my character associates with the Virtue of Vigilance, but I don’t really feel like the goose or the spider fit me. Ambition is the only Virtue that suggests you can look at other animals, though I assume it might be okay to do it for others as well. I wouldn’t re-define an animal already being used, but I was wondering if anyone else had used animals not listed to respresent the Virtues and, if so, what?

While I’m happy with my bear I’m aware of others around the field who use different animals. As long as you can come up with a good story for your reasoning people will be happy with that (although obviously the ones on the wiki are the commonly accepted ones).

Someone has used an owl for Vigilance, I believe, that’s the only one I know about, but to be honest I don’t actually spend a lot of time in my home nation.

Hi there - Vigilance Priest in Varushka here :slight_smile:

While certain animals are associated with the virtues Fox (Ambition) Bear (Courage) Hound (Loyalty) Deer & Eagle (Pride) Bees (Prosperity) Spider & Goose (Vigilance) Spider and Squirrel (Wisdom) these are only the commonly held ones.

Like Aga says if you have a good story any animal is ok, for example, while I have several Spiders on my kit, I also call Toad as Vigilance - there is a whole epic poem about it written by a Stenza friend. So good story makes everything fine :slight_smile:

I use the snow hare for Vigilance and Courage.