How do people a) make light weight antlers and b) then make them stay on? I wanted antlers that come up out of my hair, so presumably will need a cloth band to go around under my hair does this work for most people?

Google Mandalah studios.

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Thanks for the quick response but that’s not a “make” and also since I want big crowning antlers it’s more than I really want to pay for something that will only be good for Empire…

Papier-mâché on a wire frame makes light (and inexpensive) antlers. Remember to add several coats of waterproof varnish. You can use the stuff used for invisible bra straps (sold by most haberdashers) work for a hair band for small antlers. For large crowning antlers, making them to a headband/hat/helmet will be a lot more stable.

The normal approach is to have some sort of built in hat / headdress but I also like having my horns coming out of my hair so I shall tell you what I have tried, maybe something here will be useful!

Clear elastic like the invisible bra strap stuff is great with my plastic, hollow curly horns - they don’t weigh too much and they’re quite close to my head so don’t overbalance or get caught on doors. I think it would struggle if they were taller and heavier. Can be a little damaging to the hair because it rubs and catches.

I’ve got a pair of resin antlers on a very thin metal headband which I secure in my hair using grips but it’s a bit of a pain, literally a pain when I catch them on doors etc. (These are the ones I have, the band looks like this one) but in brown-black. The resin is pretty light for its size but depends if you’re geared up to work with resin. My daughter has a smaller set from that Etsy seller and everyone comments on how they look like they’re coming out of her head.

The cloth band on my cambion horns is a nightmare to hide under hair because a) it’s thick, b) no fabric looks like hair and c) it’s a single piece going around the back of my head so needs hair under and over it. The actual horns were made of foam by Denise who wrote a tutorial which might be applied to antlers. They are very light, and have coped very well with getting caught on tents, door frames and being dropped. I’m probably going to use a thin metal headband with some built in grips for the new band and just live with the fact it hurts if they get wrenched.

I’ve seen etsy sellers having horns 3D printed which looks interesting if you’ve got somewhere local. Could maybe have hollow plastic.

If you need something more sturdy to hold them on, you might want to try getting some hair extensions/wig parts that match your hair and using that to hide a thicker band. Or growing your hair for a while and then cutting it for the real deal :smiley: