Any bands open to a new Dawn member?

I’m 16 and I’m looking to try my first ever LARP soon but I’m struggling to get any friends that want to go with me (as no one my age really tends to talk about this stuff). I’m currently in Dawn so if there are any bands open for me to join then please say.

Welcome along sargentrobo!

Firstly, good idea finding a group to tag along with. Having some people to ask questions, to hang around with… just having an affiliation of some sort on the field helps you feel less lost.

Dawn is quite a big nation, with a LOT of groups in it. In Dawn these are known as Houses.

There will be plenty open to new members, and new LARPers. You may want to ask here:

or indeed here:

The various Houses of Dawn, sized from about 2 people to about 50, also have a range of… (focus might be the best word). Some are more martial, some more magical, some more into their stories and hospitality. There are some with (in-game) centuries of background, some immigrants from other nations, and some newly founded. Some dedicated to hunting great beasts, or to opposing our traditional enemies (the Druj orcs), and some to going out and seeking glory wherever the Empire needs us (which is often not where the Empire wants us…).

Do you have any sort of concept as to what you’d like to be doing in-game? While almost every House is able to support players doing almost anything, matching you up with a House with similar goals would probably be a good idea.

If you want an easy, simple start, I would reccomend playing a Knight Errant. This gives you a simple but striking costume brief, and an in-game reason to wander round talking to everyone and choosing where to place your loyalties.

But even then, finding some people to hang with for the first event or two is an excellent idea.

I’m in Dawn myself, and can likely answer any further questions you may have (either in this thread or private message). My group is probably open to new people, but I’ll let you have an ask around first before trying to recruit you :slight_smile:


I mostly want my character to be a knight whose main focuses are serving a higher power (not like a god but a Duke, Earl Queen etc) with loyalty but I also want to battle and explore the area. I guess that’d play out as a knight errand but I also would like to be part of a group with some sort of emblem or crest. As a minor side point it would be nice to do things like dine with a group or partake in or watch rituals/festivals and if it helps I can bring my own IC tent and more than enough food to share. Thank you so much for helping me.

The emblem of the Knights Errant is a golden sun on royal blue: this is the national flag of Dawn.

Almost every group has it’s own emblem/crest/heraldy, with some groups diversifying into individual heraldries based off the overall theme.

The knights of Dawn end up on quests etc almost as a default activity in downtime. If you pick “Military Unit” as a personal resource you and your loyal band of followers could feasibly be raiding, or exploring, or marching alongside mighty armies, or whatever, between the games.

In uptime (that is, during the actual game), there are 2 major battles (your character may participate in one) and many small quests (competition to get on those can be stiff). As well as all manner of festivals, rituals, banquests, tournements, duels, and meetings. If naught else you can go and watch the Senate :slight_smile:

As for exploring, you’ll likely have plenty of time to wander round the other national camps, asking about their quaint local customs and getting into arguments (joke). Few Houses will require you to do more than show up for battles, training, and some time round the campfire; you won’t be standing silently at your Earls back all day… unless you want to…

I would suggest finding a slightly larger group with it’s own social tent/area, as that gives you a social space to chill and chat and trade tales of derring-do, with some of the munchies etc you have brought.

I would not advise camping IC on your first visit; you’ll have more than enough complications to deal with first time round, and plenty of people will be happy to give you room by the fire, even if all you bring is an attentive audience.

Would you like further explanation of how downtimes and personal resources work?

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Yes please. Also if at all possible is there any chance of you being able to talk to your group to allow me to join?

Uptime: the “time-in” period of the game, during the actual Empire events (Also includes smaller sanctioned events).

Downtime: the period between these events, when your character is off doing other stuff.

In Uptime they’ll be chatting to other player characters, going to battles or skirmishes, engaging in tournaments and banquets and rituals, drinking and telling stories.
(This is you. You act this out. You do this bit.)

In Downtime (let’s assume a military unit), they might be leading their unit raiding the barbarian lands. Or garrisoning an Imperial area or fortification. Or assisting in some complex military plan. Or attached to one of the great Imperial armies, bolstering them as they drive back the barbarians on one of the (far too damn) many fronts on which we are at war…
(This is done via a simple set of drop down menus on the Profound Decisions website. The combined consequences of all the downtimes then contributes towards the Winds of War/Fortune, where another chapter of the setting storyline is written and released, and the effects change the game moving onwards)

Personal Resources:
Every Player Character (PC) is someone of importance. They have a Personal Resource, an asset that contributes something to them. This is chosen by the player to be one of the following. In can be changed in play for a small fee.
Military Unit (a small force of troops, probably less than 50.)
Fleet (a large trading ship, or a small flotilla of smaller ships, or perhaps a warship)
Farm (farmland of some sort, generating cash)
Business (of some form, mercantile, artisans, industrial… also generates cash)
Mana Site (generates magical crystallised Mana for use in spells and rituals)
Congregation (generates Liao for use by the Priests in blessings)
Forest (generates magical woods for use by artisans)
Mine (generates magical metals for use by artisans)
Herb Garden (generates magical herbs for use by physicks and apothecaries)

The page for these is here:

My House is Tour De Cendres. Holding a valley demesne in the mountains of Semmerholm, on the eastern edge of Dawn, it was founded by a group called the Ashen Tower who came to Dawn from the League, in order to focus more strongly on the war against the Druj. Led by Earl Lupo, it has since attracted many Dawnish to it’s banners. It’s colours are gold and black. I shall ask on your behalf :smiley:

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Thank you

Some other advice would be to look out for the new player meetups on the Thursday night and the intro sessions on Friday before the game starts. This should help you get to know all the other new players in Dawn that game, so you’ll know some people who you have that in common with :slight_smile: .

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