Any thrust-safe staff making tutorials?

Greetings citizens,

Can anyone recommend a vid or other tutorial on how to make a thrust safe wizard staff which might pass Empire weapons check? I’ve been doing some searching but haven’t been able to find anything that isn’t American.

Might be worth looking for thrust safe tutorials in general, i remember reading one yeeeears ago for spears, the core plan will be the same, youll just have a different shaped head :slight_smile:

Good call. Looking at the results, do you know if “boffer” is a synonym for “thrust-safe” in this context?

No, ‘boffer’ is it’s own type of weapon; generally made from pipe-lagging or pool noodles, wrapped in gaffer tape. They’re the most common type of weapon in US larps (and generally look rubbish IMO).

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Thanks for the info. Would you mind please describing a bit more how a thrust safe spear or staff is made? I have zero knowledge about these things and it would give me a good place to start looking for instructions.

Have you made larp weapons before? In my limited understanding, thrust safe weapons are pretty advanced.

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No I haven’t. I’m pretty good in my work shop so thought I might try making one to keep costs low… but haven’t been able to find hardly any info!

It doesn’t have to be super realistic. Just something to use on the battlefield which would pass weapons check and I wouldn’t be TOO embarrassed to carry around. I saw a vid on how to make one of the boffer wizard staff with a big foam green jewel and it looked pretty easy which is what got me started on this line of thought. Has pd got safety check guidelines anywhere? I see that on the weapons and armour page they talk about a ‘thrust safe tip’ on polearms and the like but is that defined more exactly anywhere else?

Yeah I suppose you’re right. E4 was my first event and I didn’t take the battlefield so I have zero experience with LARP weapons.

I have to agree with Kai G.

I’ve seen many a new LARPer try to make their own weapons, and spend a lot of time, money and energy making something that… fails consistently.

Buy your first weapon or two, on site. Talk to the artisans about construction, talk to the weapons checkers about stab-safe weapons…

Do not commit to making your own until you are very familiar with them…


I would recommend buying a thrust-safe staf off Saxon Violence, who have built me some lovely ones that exactly matched my design sketches. If you really want to play with weapon making as a crafts project I would recommend trying to make a knife and a wand. You’ll learn how to make larp blades and round objects and the materials cost for learning will be a lot lower. You don’t make a good thing without making a fair few bad things first.

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If a staff isn’t “thrust- safe” can it still be used in the field? I.e can you use a boffer staff and just swing with it?

Yes. I have several ‘normal’ staves (i.e. not thrust-safe) and you strike with the side of them. This is how 99% of most pikes, polearms and spears are used in larp. Thrust-safe weapons are a rarity.

I appreciate all the advice, thanks