Archer weapons vendors

Hey so quick one for someone knowledgeable about it.

One of our number has expressed an interest in playing with archery, I realise it’s better usually to buy weapons at event for weapons check purposes so was wondering what the rough cost of picking up a bow and arrows at event would be. Want to get him it as a birthday gift as funds are tight for him with the whole year+ of rona and furlongs.

Any help or links to guaranteed pass vendors would be appreciated

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I’m not an archer, but as far as I am aware a larp bow runs to about £75-£120, and arrows are about £10 each.

Be aware, larp archery is an expensive part of the hobby. A friend likens it to shooting tenners at the enemy, as there’s no guarantee you’ll get all your arrows back at the end of a battle.


Cool thanks

Yeah I figured hence why I have no interest in it after initial purchase he can fire his own tenners at whoever he wants

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The Empire Archery FB group is here pop along and they might be able to point you at some bargains. They’ll also give you good general advice on how to arch on the field :slight_smile: .


and again your a font of useful info cheers buddy

Buying at events is a lot more expensive for Bows but probably a good idea for arrows. You can get a training or youth bow and a fair few good assecories from regular archery shops that will work fine. The one we have used in the past is quicks if that helps :slight_smile:

The FB group is a very good call though :slight_smile: